Other BBQ catering services out there charge you top dollar for average meat. At Sunday Roast, we bring to you quality meat at affordable prices through removing the middleman. Our meats are delivered direct from the factory, ensuring you get the best quality and freshness at great prices. Also enjoy top quality BBQ food with our first-rate BBQ meat delivery in Singapore.

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“Sunday Roast did a superb job for a BBQ party at my house last night. Very different from the run of the mill BBQs that I have used previously. The meats are of high quality especially the NZ grainfed ribeye. Yum! One of guests commented that it’s like Morton’s in yr own backyard! The on-site chef certainly know his meats and they are friendly, great to chat. Their price does not hurt the wallet either. Thank you for a fantastic bbq! You will be my top choice for my next bbq!”

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Top quality cuts are sourced and air-flown over to Singapore. We spare no expense to get the best. This has made us the best provider for BBQ catering services. You can thus get only the best BBQ in Singapore with BBQ wholesale prices for your delight.


We marinate them with our secret recipes to get the best flavour. Our chef makes the magic happen, it’s perfect everytime.


We hand-deliver the meat straight to your doorstep and grill them to perfection for you, just in time for your event. For the best BBQ in Singapore – you can count on us for exclusive BBQ food delivery.



Omakase is Japanese for “I’ll leave it up to you”. All you have to do is select your budget and we will prepare the rest. Let the chef mix and pair your selection for an unforgettable experience. BBQ accessories are provided; all you need is a BBQ pit and great music to get the party going. *Furthermore, enjoy complimentary cooking when orders are $1200 and above. This leaves you only with the best BBQ food experience in Singapore!

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We have worked with major brands such as AirBNB, Apple and Razer. You can trust us to consistently deliver a good time every time. Providing special BBQ food catering service, we take care of corporate event BBQ requirements in the most professional and delightful way.

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Creating the Perfect BBQ

A BBQ is a great occasion for family and friends to gather but often, it feels like a typical dinner done outdoors with frozen meat simply heated up with charcoal. Fret not! Creating the perfect BBQ is not rocket science – a few tips and tricks are all you need. Themes will add an extra splash of camaraderie to the table. What’s more, a theme meaningfully narrows down the menu options and decor, helping you focus on quality, not quantity. Getting a variety of entertainment options will surely fit the bill — horseshoe and darts are perfect for the outdoors without requiring the players to sweat too much.

So what makes a good BBQ a memorable one? Food. Delicious food. The simplest change can make significant differences to the BBQ experience. There are two main types of charcoals, lump wood and briquettes. For a great BBQ experience, always choose lump wood charcoal.

Whatever you have prepared for a great BBQ will be limited by the quality of the meat you are grilling. Obviously, the higher the grade of the meat, the better. But what makes them command their higher prices? An example is the Prime Steer Beef. When compared to the other 6 grades of beef, this grade of meat will have an abundance of marbling in its thick cuts, optimally covered with creamy white fat. You can get high-quality meat conveniently from the local BBQ catering outlets.

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Best Places to BBQ in Singapore

Singapore may be small, but she is densely-filled with attractions and sights that no other city can match. Sames goes for BBQ spots that can be found in all corners of the island. Look no further as we list some of the best spots to BBQ right here in sunny Singapore.

West – West Coast Park – $20/pit This beautiful park situated along West Coast Highway features a large field for kite flying, McDonald’s for the fast food lovers, multiple playgrounds for mini-thrill seekers and camping spots. It has a short coastline of about 500 meters, however, swimming is not recommended. Unfortunately, the BBQ pit is not located by the coast. Instead, they are located deeper into the park without a sea view.

Disadvantages aside, the West Coast is perfect for families and friends that stays in the west as convenience definitely trumps having to go all the way to the East Coast.

North – Sembawang Park – $12/pit Sembawang Park is a cozy park that can be accessed by bus from Sembawang MRT. Even without big attractions like a playground and a fast food chain, we love this park because the BBQ pits are convenient situated right beside the washrooms and alongside the waterfront. The greenery around the BBQ pits also gives a good balance of nature and openness. As this park is less popular than others, your family and friends will enjoy the serene atmosphere that you will not get from bigger parks like the East Coast Park.

North-east – Pasir Ris Park – $20/pit Pasir Ris Park is one of our top picks due to its size, accessibility to other amenities and the number of BBQ pits it has. Want to take a break from all that BBQ fire? The park has a tower lookout spot, green maze and bicycle rental service. During low tide, the water recedes far enough for visitors to walk on sand filled with small crabs and shells. Kids will love creating small rivers in the sand, only possible as water is receding into the ocean. Its BBQ pits are situated alongside the seashore, providing you with a constant, gentle breeze.

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