Other BBQ catering services out there charge you top dollar for average meat. At Sunday Roast, we pride ourselves in quality meat at affordable prices through our own suppliers in New Zealand. Enjoy your sizzling BBQ with the option of hiring our BBQ chef services because you deserve a hassle-free BBQ with premium quality.

Hear from our customers
Sunday Roast did a good job for a BBQ party at my house last night. Very different from the run of the mill BBQs that I have used previously. The meats are of high quality espacially the NZ grainfed ribeye. Yum! One of the guests commented that it's like Morton's in your own backyard! The on site chef certainly knew his meats and are friendly, great to chat. Their prices does not hurt the wallet either. Thank you for a fantastic BBQ. You will be my top choice for my next BBQ!

- Mei Lan
We Reap what we Sow and We Can’t be Beat


Top quality cuts are sourced and
air-flown over to Singapore. We
spare no expense to get the best.


We marinate them with our secret
recipes to get the best flavour. Our chef
makes the magic happen, it’s perfect everytime.


We marinate them with our secret
recipes to get the best flavour. Our chef
makes the magic happen, it’s perfect everytime.’s premium bbq experience with us

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Omakase Experience

Omakase (Japanese: お任せ Hepburn: o-makase) is japanese for I’ll leave it up to you. All you have to do is select your budget and we will prepare the rest. Let your chef mix and pair your selection for an unforgettable BBQ Experience. BBQ accessories are provided; All you need is a BBQ pit to get the party going. *Enjoy complimentary cooking when orders are $1200 and above. This leaves you with the best BBQ experience in Singapore.

Sunday roast

Sunday roast

Sunday roast
Corporate Events

We have worked with major brands such as AirBNB, Apple and Razer. You can trust us to consistently deliver a good time every time. Providing special BBQ food catering service, we take care of coporate event BBQ requirements in the most professional and delightful way.

Sunday roast
Sunday roast
Sunday roast


A wholesome BBQ experience comes with high-grade BBQ items and a lot of dedicated cooking. However, at Sunday Roast, we want to give you the best of both worlds.

With our available premium BBQ catering, we provide the option of hassle-free BBQ with our skillful chefs doing all the preparation for you as you settle in to enjoy the food once it’s ready. At Sunday Roast, we only want to offer our valued consumers with the best BBQ catering in Singapore with our freshest premium platter of meat specially flown in from Australia and New Zealand to satisfy their party needs when there is a special occasion.

Our BBQ packages include the Omakase Experience where you simply pick out your budget, let the chef choose the assortment of scrumptious meats and do the cooking. Our meats are also specially marinated with our secret recipes to give consumers a different and unique flavour that cannot be found in other barbeque catering or barbeque delivery services.

Otherwise, you can choose to customise your own set of meats that will be delivered to you. Our chefs are open to accommodating to any specific preference of meats that can be requested at our special requests box during check out after an online purchase. On top of that, we have an ala-carte menu where you can choose your own food items, from meats, staples to drinks. Sunday Roast provides the best BBQ delivery services as we are able to deliver to you your BBQ orders anywhere and everywhere in Singapore in an instant.

While we offer professional BBQ catering to our consumers, we also offer wholesale prices through our connections with our partners to make sure that consumers can not only indulge in our delectable selection of meats but be able to afford our extensive menu as well. Our BBQ services and packages are also perfect for any team building events. We provide corporate BBQ catering for any organisations who are interested in holding any events alongside a variety of ready-cooked meat above the grill. Rest easy and foster a deeper relationship with your employees as you wait for your meat to be cooked by our seasoned chefs.

Here at Sunday Roast, you are given the option to barbeque your food traditionally on your own. Or you can choose to hire our chef services that are catered to fulfilling your BBQ needs with a simple order online through our website and enjoy your corporate team building activities throughout the day. With Sunday Roast, you can sit back and relax while you wait for the delicacies to be freshly served to you.