Ever been to a BBQ gathering where you’re left starving while you and your friends spend two hours trying to get the fire started? We all have been there at some point of our life, but that time is far behind with some simple tips to get you started (on some smoky grills).

Step 1: Make a structure with the Charcoals

Our chef Gerald recommends Coconut Charcoal, a unique alternative to regular Charcoal. Coconut Charcoal is made from coconut shells and dried coconut. It gives a clean burn due to the absence of chemicals, and it feels just like grilling with real wood. To top it off, Coconut Charcoal is environmentally friendly as well.

Build a structure such as the one before and place your fire starters within this the gaps of charcoal.

Step 2: Wait till the charcoal turns white

At this point in time, there isn’t much you can do but to fan more for the white to spread along the charcoal while the fire starter turns an even vibrant amber.

Step 3: Wait for the charcoal to turn red

You can spot hints of red among the white if you look through the tunnel of the structure, as can be seen in the structure above.

Step 4

Once the red has spread visibly, it is time to break the structure and start grilling those meat.

Heat Scale

Fire burns, but doesn’t cook

Gerald Sim

So, you would want to get that glowing red to get the perfect charred meat. With these tips under your fingertips, you will take less than an hour to start your next fire. Of course, it gets better with experience.


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