Singapore may be small, but she is densely-filled with attractions and sights that no other city can match. Sames goes for BBQ spots that can be found in all corners of the island. Look no further as we list some of the best spots to BBQ right here in sunny Singapore.

West – West Coast Park – $20/pit
This beautiful park situated along West Coast Highway features a large field for kite flying, McDonald’s for the fast food lovers, multiple playgrounds for mini-thrill seekers and camping spots. It has a short coastline of about 500 meters, however, swimming is not recommended. Unfortunately, the BBQ pit is not located by the coast. Instead, they are located deeper into the park without a sea view.

Disadvantages aside, the West Coast is perfect for families and friends that stays in the west as convenience definitely trumps having to go all the way to the East Coast.

Main Directions: Take 201 towards East from Clementi Station and stop at Clementi Woods Park. Then, it is 5 minute walk to West Coast Park.

North – Sembawang Park – $12/pit
Sembawang Park is a cozy park that can be accessed by bus from Sembawang MRT. Even without big attractions like a playground and a fast food chain, we love this park because the BBQ pits are convenient situated right beside the washrooms and alongside the waterfront. The greenery around the BBQ pits also gives a good balance of nature and openness. As this park is less popular than others, your family and friends will enjoy the serene atmosphere that you will not get from bigger parks like the East Coast Park.

Main Directions: Take 882 towards East from Sembawang Station that will bring you straight to Sembawang Park.

North-east – Pasir Ris Park – $20/pit
Pasir Ris Park is one of our top picks due to its size, accessibility to other amenities and the number of BBQ pits it has. Want to take a break from all that BBQ fire? The park has a tower lookout spot, green maze and bicycle rental service. During low tide, the water recedes far enough for visitors to walk on sand filled with small crabs and shells. Kids will love creating small rivers in the sand, only possible as water is receding into the ocean. Its BBQ pits are situated alongside the seashore, providing you with a constant, gentle breeze.

Main Directions: Take 354 from Pasir Ris Bus Interchange beside the MRT and stop at Downtown East.


We hope that this will help you organize your next, best BBQ. You may continue reading about creating the best BBQ here.


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