3 Expert Tips for BBQ Cooking

You’ve got your BBQ all prepped and ready to go and all that’s left is to cook the food. This article will teach you 3 essential tips on making sure your BBQ moves without a hitch.

Tip 1: Oil your Grill Before Cooking

Eager beavers might forget or discount the importance of oiling your grill before cooking. This simple step can prevent you from having to scrape your meat off the grill when you want to flip it. This also prevents your meat from burning as fast.

Tip 2: Cook with Heat, not the Flame

Again, we cannot stress the importance of this point. Heat cooks, flame burns. It’s as simple as that. Oil creates a flame when it touches the coals, so watch where you place your meat. For fatter, oilier pieces, you might want to move them slightly away from the flames to prevent them from burning or charring till they become as black as the coals itself.

Tip 2: Ease Up on the Flavors

A good marinate makes a piece of chicken taste extra good. However, a small dash of black pepper and coarse salt would suffice with a piece of good meat. You wouldn’t want to douse your expensive 100% grass-fed angus beef ribeye with a load of black pepper sauce or mustard. Enjoy the flavor that eminates from the meat itself. That’s what you paid for, so don’t spoil it.

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