How To Decide Which Meat Cuts To Get

How to Choose your Beef or Lamb Cut

Look for pieces with a decent amount of fat. BBQ-ing a tenderloin steak is significantly harder than cooking a piece of rib eye steak or strip-loin steak due to the absence of fat. Plenty of people make the mistake of trimming the fat off the meat BEFORE cooking. This would be greatly detrimental to the flavor of the meat as the fat is the natural flavoring for the meat.

Choosing Your Chicken Cuts

Similar to beef, you wouldn’t want to be bbqing a piece of chicken breast. Again, the absence of fat would dry out the meat much faster and give little room for error.

This one perhaps might come a surprise to some – use chicken leg instead of chicken wings. Chicken skin burns much more easily than the meat. As such, your chicken wing is essentially covered entirely in chicken skin, which increases the chance of you burning it beyond recognition. Moreover, meats that you purchase are weighed in to find the final cost. With chicken wings, you are paying for bones that you do not get to eat.

Compare this with a piece of chicken leg where only half of the piece is covered with chicken skin. It is boneless and you can eat the entire piece with no wastage. Better bang for your buck.

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