How to Choose the Right BBQ Catering Service

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Having good providers is the best way to pull off a memorable event. This includes choosing the right catering service. Unfortunately, because there’s no way to really tell which caterers are good or not until you try them yourself or do your research, it can be quite hard to choose the right one.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help.

Below, you’ll find tips on how to choose BBQ catering in Singapore to help make your event stand out.

1.    Ask Around and Search Online

Your friends, colleagues, co-workers, family members, relatives, and pretty much, every person you know usually has a caterer that they can suggest working with. You can try asking around and create a poll to see which caterers get the most recommendations.

You can also look up the caterer online to see what their previous customers have had to say about them.

Just as important as good reviews are, it’s also important to read bad reviews and what they did to address such issues.

2.    Always Schedule a Food Tasting Session First

If the caterer is unwilling to schedule a food tasting session with you, then take that as a sign that they’re not worth working with.

The best caterers will be more than willing to set some time aside to let you taste their food so you can choose from their menu what you want to be included in your event. Keep in mind, however, that the quality may vary slightly. After all, preparing food for two people and dozens, if not hundreds or more, is not the same.

3.    Consider Their Specialties

Not all caterers are equipped to handle big events. Just as not all can serve the kind of barbeque you want or need for your event.

Decide what kind of food you want, what the theme you’re going for is, and your goal for the service, before choosing the caterer. This way, you can choose a caterer that, not only is the best in the business, but also, the right fit for your needs.

4.    Check Out Their Licenses and Permits

While there are no standardised scores for caterers, there are licenses and permits that a legitimate catering service needs to possess to operate.

By checking the caterer out with your local health department and other governing bodies, you can check if they’re really as legitimate as they claim to be. More importantly, you can also check if the catering company has had any issues or complaints lodged against them in the past.

5.    Ask for a Quotation

Finally, a good sign that the caterer is worth working with is if they go above and beyond their means by providing a complete breakdown of the possible expenses incurred for the event.

The more specific and transparent the quotation is, the better.

Good food is one of the best ways to satisfy the guests at your event. Investing the time (and money) to hire the best BBQ catering is one of the best ways to ensure that your guests have nothing but positive things to say about your event.