How to Plan a Perfect BBQ at Home?

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To make the BBQ day a massive hit, you need to plan ahead and use the right tools. You should also find out what are the tips to help you with barbecuing. Usually, larger gatherings require more planning, and with the BBQ, you will be basically busy behind the grill, it becomes more important to keep everything ready before the time.

  1. Decide on the Menu

Write down the complete menu and its ingredients required. For each dish, you wish to cook, write down each and every ingredient you need, and double check. Make sure all the serve ware are placed behind the tables, including the dishes, glasses. Make the salads ahead of time. Ask the little ones to serve the drinks and cocktails as soon as the guests arrive.

  1. Grab a Bluetooth Speaker

A BBQ party without some background music sounds boring. So make sure you buy Bluetooth speakers and create a playlist for the whole evening.

  1. Outside Refrigeration is Important

This is important because you don’t want to go in and out to bring the meat for cooking, the salad, and drinks for serving. Before you buy a grill setup, check if it comes with an outdoor fridge, if it doesn’t then ensure that you plug in one outside. Or, if that’s not possible, bring some coolers to keep the meat and salads fresh.

  1. Place some Trash Cans

If the BBQ party consists of only a small number of people, then one single trash can is enough. However, for larger gatherings, place smaller trash cans at different locations. The last thing you want is your guests messing up your kitchen by placing all the trash in the dump placed there. Be wise, and plan ahead of time. These little things make a lot of difference.

  1. Seating Arrangements Should Be Taken Care Of

According to the number of guests you plan to invite, you need to set up seating zones all around the area. Keep in mind that some of them are likely to prefer standing, patio and outdoor seating is important. If possible, place a table near each seating so that the food can be eaten easily, especially, if there are kids.

  1. Organise the Meat on the Different Platter

Some people prefer extremely soft meat, while others a little firm with more spices. So, organise the meat on the different platters, with labels on them, for example; well done, medium hot, spicy, etc.

  1. Serve Hot

Don’t wait for all the food to get cooked; this will end in the meat getting cold and hard. During the summers, the meat can also spoil easily. So, you don’t want to attract pests and insects, serve your food fresh and hot. The best you could do is, serve as soon as the meat is done. Secondly, when the main course is done, serve the dessert because, after the main course, many people grab their things to get back. All in all, your BBQ party should go smoothly if there are children involved as well.

If you plan to go for the BBQ catering services, look for a reputable company who offers reasonable bulk BBQ package.