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Enjoying the piping hot grilled meat and corn while chatting up your friends, but it might not necessarily be the most fun experience for the person behind the coals.

It may be taxing for the person and he or she probably doesn’t get much time to savour the food as well. However, it doesn’t actually have to be an issue, all you need to do is plan ahead of time. Gather the essentials, bring together some hungry mouths and you are good to go.

In other words, ordering bbq catering for the entire party is a considerable option too. If not, feel free to conquer the grills on your own.

Below, you will find more detailed hacks for an ultimate BBQ experience.

1. Always Marinate The Meat

No matter how late you plan a BBQ, you need to marinate the meat and that’s the end of the topic. Marinating the meat well before time allows the moisture to lock in by adding more flavour.

Even if you don’t have hours, give at least 15-minutes to your meat. For a faster infusion of the flavours, add the marinade in the ziplock bag, give it a good shake and that’s it.

2. Keep Your Meat In The Freezer

If your patties are soft and usually breaks when popped on the grill, you need to keep them in the freezer for a good 5 to 6 minutes before you cook them. This will help the meat to hold their shape better while staying the same juicy from the middle.

However, ensure that the meat is good for an additional 2 minutes after removing them from the freezer.

3. Have Extra Skewers With You

Every time you plan a BBQ, make sure you have an extra bunch of skewers with you. This way, the kebabs and sheesh are less likely to fall on the grill.

And trust us when we say that the cherry tomato at the end of the skewer will thank you later. Plus, flipping the kebabs will be much easier. What else do you want?

4. Use Thyme And Rosemary As A Brush Alternative

Instead of using a brush for rubbing the seasoning, tie thyme and rosemary together to create a thick brush of medium size and dip that in the BBQ sauce or olive oil.

Just imagine the level of flavour and juice this will result in? Mouthwatering for sure!

5. Add Lemon To Prevent Stickiness

Only the people cooking fish on the grill knows the irony when trying to cook them. Less goes in the mouth and more of the fish goes either crumbling down on the ground or sticking to the bars.

So, what’s the saviour here?

All you need is some slice of lemon rubbed nicely on the fish. This will prevent the fish from sticking, and crumbling into pieces, plus it adds tangier flavour to the fish as well.

6. Grab Some Onion When Cleaning

Finally, when the party is over and the guests have left, it is time for you to clean up. To make things easier, attach a half slice of onion on a fork and rub the gill bars when they are still hot with the flat end of the onion.

The onion will release a large amount of water that will remove even the hardest of the stains from the grill. This will save your energy and time if you plan to scrub the grill later sometime.

On the other hand, if you have planned a BBQ, but are short on time, look out for the best BBQ package in Singapore.


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