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Finding the right BBQ catering for your next big event is a challenging task. Especially when all of them claim to be the best.  You will come across many BBQ caterers when looking for the right one. Finding a good BBQ caterer is very important as your function’s success will rely on it. Unfortunately, anyone can open up a catering business, and this makes finding the right caterer a little difficult. But, don’t let this worry you. Keep reading and find out some tips on how to choose a good BBQ caterer.

1. Word-of-mouth suggestions are important

Look around for suggestions from a reliable source. It is much better than looking for a well-advertised caterer. Ask around among the people you know, probably someone who has tried their catering services in a similar event. Do not ignore any bad reviews as well. Recommendations are one level above advertisements in terms of trustworthiness.

2. Fix a food tasting session

A food tasting session is important as it will help you make up your mind. If the caterer has already covered big events, they won’t have an issue with that. Covering larger events requires a lot of detailed planning and one of the things you must cross check is whether the caterer offers BBQ food or satay. And don’t forget, preparing food for a larger group is entirely different then preparing food for 5 or 10 people.

3. Check their specialization

As mentioned earlier, if you are hosting a big event then you should choose your caterer accordingly. Caterers who only specialize in small gatherings cannot handle the pressure of a larger group. No matter how delicious their food is, you can’t get them to handle your 300 plus guests. This will only result in chaos. The catering businesses who have already provided their services to larger events can handle your party in a professional way.

4. What services do you need?

Finally, after you have decided which catering service you want to hire, it is time for you to decide what services you actually need. Are you looking for only services that offer the preparation and delivery of the food in addition to setting up, or do you actually want trained staff who will stay throughout the event, covering the entire thing, such as serving etc.?

Before you send out the invitations for the BBQ party, make sure you know what kind of event you are looking forward to. If you are aiming for a larger gathering, please don’t choose a caterer who hasn’t hosted a larger event before. Do your research, check online, ask around and get a rough idea before personally visiting each BBQ caterer. Remember, you can’t choose the first caterer who impresses you. Imagine the chaos your BBQ would end in if you failed to choose the right caterer for your event.


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