Great Tips for Holding a BBQ Wedding Event

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When we hear the word BBQ, our minds fill with meaty aromas in the air, and stacks of meat spread all around the area. BBQ events are usually a casual gathering; however, this is not necessarily so. If you are looking for a formal wedding BBQ, there are certain things that you can do to make the wedding special.

When planning a wedding BBQ, detailing is important. Setting the mood right with the event décor is very important. To add glory to your wedding, make sure you take care of the following;

Wedding Menu

Since it’s a BBQ wedding, the main dish will be meat. If the family members plan to continue with the grill themselves, all the things are taken care of before the event. Things like the list of the guests, a variation of the meat, the grill size, marinating the meat, plates, forks and other essentials are already set up. However, if you plan to go for BBQ food catering services, then you must tell them what type of meat you want and in what quantity.

Next, take care of the side dishes. Gather some delicious dressing for the BBQ, gather all the veggies for the salad, the drinks should be in line as well. Presenting corn on the cob along with chicken wings can make any ordinary wedding extravagant. So, make sure your caterers know what they are doing.

Finally, adding a dessert will wrap things up nicely. Some of the options that you can include are; chocolate mousse served in a wine glass, cheesecake, ice-cream and a slice of strawberry shortcake.

Wedding Décor

Now that the menu has been taken care of, you need to focus on the wedding décor. Start with the silverware. Make sure you use the best quality tableware and cutlery, as it’s a special event. If you can afford it, use crystal and silver serving dishes along with high-quality grilling equipment.

Secondly, for the tables and chairs, use table covers with fancy linens. Even, if the tables and chairs are cheap, good-quality linen will make the overall look of the tables elegant. Use ribbon, plenty of fairy lights and ribbons. Your wedding venue can even have a designated fancy area for the wedding reception photography. Hang holiday lights over the fences and make use of the seasonal flowers as well.

Wedding Favours

Finally, to wrap up the wedding reception, thank them with a peach crisp in a jar, and or a cherry cobbler as a favour for attending the wedding. Or, if you want, you can print out bottles of the BBQ sauce with a name or the wedding date they attended to thank them for their time.

Planning a wedding, whether outdoors or indoors requires a lot of planning. Don’t forget to plan well before the actual event. Do a demo, see if everything is according to the plan, and don’t forget to look for the best BBQ food catering to provide a great BBQ wholesale service if you plan to hire them for the function.