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Nothing can beat the taste, aroma and the thrill of a BBQ. If BBQ is on your agenda, then there’s nothing that can beat that. You can cook just about anything on the coals, from hamburgers to pork, to oysters and even hot dogs. Every family has its own set of BBQ foods that they like to dish out every time they plan a BBQ, with different ingredients, marinating technique, and recipes.

However, there are certain foods, unusual ones, that no one, and I repeat no one should miss in their lifetime. Give it a try at least once. So, what BBQ foods are we so excited about? Let’s have a look!

1. Ricotta pizza & grilled asparagus

Have you tried pizza on a BBQ grill? No? It’s time you do. All you need to do is place the base of the pizza on the grill pan with burning coals beneath. Add ricotta and asparagus for the topping as well as any other veggie of your choice.

2. Clams with spicy paprika butter

Just the name itself has got me drooling. Never change your mind when it comes to throwing some seafood on the BBQ grill. It’s especially true for shellfish—they taste heavenly. And the best part is, marinating is easy; just add paprika butter and barbecue till it’s fully cooked. But make sure you’ve cleaned the clams thoroughly before you toss them onto the grill.

3. Sweet and sour shrimp on a skewer

Peppered shrimp kabobs are to die for. Add some BBQ sauce for a sweet and tangy flavor, toss in some lemon for a mild sour flavor, and you are good to go. The amazing thing is, shrimps usually take only 2 minutes to cook on each side. So, you can have a large sweet and sour shrimp for the skewer party whenever you want.

4. Lemon & pepper chicken kebabs

How can we miss out on our favorite meat—chicken, when it comes to BBQ? All you need is a lemon, a chicken, some salt and pepper, and asparagus. Add them on the skewer, along with bell peppers, onions or any other vegetable of your choice. When the coals are hot, toss them in and breathe in the subtle sourness of the lemon melting into the meat and veggies.

5. Lamb meatballs with salsa verde

Ever heard about this? No? It’s just a fancy name for lamb meatballs marinated in salsa verde sauce, rather than the usual red sauce. The salsa verde adds more of a refreshing flavor to the meat. Remember to marinate the meat at least 24 hours before you grill it so that the sauce seeps in better.

6. Harissa marinated tofu on skewers

For all the vegetarians out there, try this tofu marinated in harissa sauce. Cut the Tofu into small cubes so that they marinate well. Ensure that you drain any excess liquid before you barbeque them. Cook on the coals until the color changes slightly to light brown and you are good to go.

Now that the weather is changing, it is the perfect time to plan a BBQ in Singapore. So, gather all the ingredients you need, pick a few dishes and have a blast. If you’re still not motivated enough to go to the trouble of buying ingredients and grilling them, keep in mind that there are bbq catering service available to save yourself all that hard work.


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