Recipes For The Grill: How To Make Your BBQ More Special

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Part of why people look forward to summer is the fun time spent with family and friends, and nothing spells out fun better than barbecue. This means endless grilling and a hearty feast. Whether it’s an easy dish you are looking for or new barbecue ideas, creativity is crucial in ensuring that everyone leaves satisfied—even the pickiest of your guests. Your plan should not leave out veggie lovers either, so make sure all your hungry friends are taken care of as the host of the bbq party.

Part of ensuring a memorable barbecue experience is knowing what flavors to use. No one wants a similar experience every single time; giving people new foods and new flavors to try out is bound to ensure a mouthwatering experience for your guests.

Here are some ideas that can make your barbecue plan a tad more special:

Cowboy steak and potatoes with broccoli and cheddar

This combination not only takes care of the carnivorous side of the family but is well balanced to enough to be enjoyed by the vegetarians joining in on the party—as long as you remember to exclude the steak for them! It’s a versatile dish that can be served as a whole or broken down and served partially. Everyone will hanker for a bite.

Grilled summer squash with lemon dressing

This here is what we call heaven for any vegetarian gracing the occasion. Featuring the freshest produce of the season, this dish is made from yellow squash and zucchini, a combination expressly set to knock any vegetable lover off of their chair.

Grilled shrimp tacos with avocado slaw and mango salsa

It is said that the quickest way to anyone’s heart is through the stomach. A bite of this dish will give you a glimpse of what paradise feels like. This is one of the best ways to get the party going. It’s a mouthwatering, yet surprisingly nutritious delicacy.

Grilled lime salmon with avocado or mango salsa and coconut rice

This meal is dubbed the ultimate summer meal for good reason. The unique combination of homemade avocado or mango salsa and lime salmon combined with the coconut rice will have your guests thank you for allowing this delight to grace their taste buds. Simply put, it’s unforgettable.

Grilled flank steak and vegetables

The key to this dish is to serve it up as tender as it can possibly be. Let it sit and allow all the juice to soak in. A small, yet unbelievably vital step. One bite will have you feeling like your mouth is receiving a massage. Give it a good five minutes before serving.

Grilled greek chicken

This is one of the best barbecue meals to prepare, taking only 30 minutes inclusive of marinating and grill time. You can serve it by itself, with a side of Greek salad for vegetable lovers or with hummus for a complete Mediterranean meal experience.

Sweet and smoky cedar planked salmon

This meal is the sole reason why people say the best way to prepare salmon is with cedar plunk. It’s by far one of the obvious methods to leave your guests wanting for more. This will have them looking forward to the next barbecue and longing for the current one not to end.

Vegetable kebab with lemon vinaigrette

When it comes to grilling, kebabs are stable in this subject. These colorful bunches never disappoint and are any vegetable or meat lover’s dream come true.

In conclusion, for a great barbecue experience, one has to think outside the box and be willing to experiment with new recipes in order to create a wonderful experience for guests. As cooking is also a form of art, everything must be done precisely. Finally, presentation is key. If you’re lacking in cooking skills, you can always leave it to the professionals by hiring bbq catering services. So, sit back relax and enjoy the meal with your guests!