5 Must-Have All-time Favourites For Any BBQ Gathering

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Running out of ideas for your next family gathering? Barbeques are a great way to settle the food aspect of any gathering. Besides being a treat we don’t get to enjoy every day, the variety of succulent meats roasted over an open fire is just hard to resist! Hit up BBQ wholesale Singapore to see the range of delicious foods they have in store to customise your own menu. While BBQ menus can be extremely extensive, here are five of our all-time favourites:

Beef Rib

Beef ribs are impressive-looking cuts, and the bones make the meats taste juicier and tastier. Also known as ‘short ribs’, they are typically longer, and have more meat attached than pork ribs do. Done best slow-cooked over the heat of the flame grill, barbequed beef ribs are the epitome of smoky, fall-off-the-bone perfection.


Believe it or not, smoke and sausages have always gone hand-in-hand. Sausages are human’s early attempts to preserve meat by placing ground meat into tube-like skin, then preparing or cooking them over embers. Sausages today leave you spoilt for choice, with versions such as beef or pork, and seasoned in any way imaginable.


You can’t go wrong with rib chop or pork shoulder on the grill. If possible, choose cuts of meat with some fats, which will help to keep the meat juicy when cooked. The flame and charcoal bring out the best flavours of the meat, and when done correctly, forms a crisp golden-brown crust on the skin. Talk about mouth-watering goodness!


Chicken is sometimes overlooked as it is ‘cheaper’ meat, but this doesn’t mean it fares any worse on the grill. Well-marinated chicken wings or fillets are the way to go for grilled chicken. Enjoy the perfect BBQ wings honey glazed or smothered in black pepper, whatever floats your boat.


How can you have a barbeque and miss out on sweet, buttery, grilled corn on the cob? With the volume of meat in the menu, it is a good idea to balance your meal out with some sides like grilled corn, baked beans, or baked potatoes. Corn is best prepared with a generous slap of butter and grilled till slightly charred for the smoky flavour. Just remember to rotate it ever so often so it cooks evenly!

If you’re getting hungry just reading this article, don’t hesitate to indulge yourself every once in a while with a smoking hot barbeque session. With BBQ delivery services in Singapore, you can skip the trip to your butcher and receive your food all ready to cook on the day of your BBQ. If you find it too much of a hassle to cook it yourself, some barbeque providers in Singapore even offer you the option of hiring a chef! That way, you can be sure all your food will be cooked to perfection. Just order, and get ready to chomp down!