Unique Foods To Grill Apart From Meat And Sausages

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When you think of barbeques, what comes to mind first are traditional favourites like sausages, ribs, and steak. And that’s only right! A grill fest is not complete without the staple meats, which most of Singapore’s barbeque catering services would offer.

But what about changing it up this time? New combinations for the grill can add fresh flavours to your barbeque party. Some of them seem unthinkable at first, but once you try it, you won’t regret it! On top of ordering the must-haves, prepare some surprises for your guests. Tickle your taste buds and create a talking point for your next barbeque party with these exciting foods to grill:


Grilled watermelon, anyone? Sweet watermelon is turned into a smoky, delectable treat on the grill, as the flames caramelises the sugars in the fruit. The process is easy: Just slice up a seedless watermelon and put it on the grill. For extra flavour, you can rub the surface of the fruit with a combination of salt, lime zest, and red pepper powder. Perfect as a dessert or a side, watermelon steak tastes captivating and looks absolutely beautiful with its striped grill marks.


If you think about it, doughnuts are usually fried, so grilling them isn’t all that strange. If you are scratching your head for some dessert ideas, doughnuts definitely make the cut! Putting doughnuts on the grill caramelises the sugary coating and warms the doughnut to perfection. Serve with some ice cream and frozen berries for the ultimate sweet treat!

Beef tongue

For a different perspective of savoury meats, try grilled beef tongue. In some countries like Korea, beef tongue is enjoyed on the barbeque, marinated with yuzu pepper, sesame oil, and soy sauce. For a more Western take, you could also try it with basil pesto or olive oil and onions. All it takes is a 10-15 minutes grill for both sides to form a brown colour and slight crisp.


Grilling peaches elevates the sweetness, turning it into a lovely warm sweet treat. Slightly underripe peaches would work as well, as the heat helps to ripen the fruit and brings out its flavour. All you need to do is half the peaches and season with butter and cinnamon for added flavours, then grill them with the skin on till the fruit is soft and almost falling apart. Complete the dish topped with some ice cream for an irresistible dessert dish!


You haven’t tasted avocados till you’ve grilled them. Avocados become creamier and gain a smoky flavour after being on the grill. Simply half them, then season with olive oil, lime juice, and salt. Throw them on the grill for about 3 minutes until the gorgeous grill marks show and the avocado has softened. Grilled avocados can be enjoyed as is, or in combination with a salad. An excellent idea is to serve the salad inside the shells of the avocado!


Well-grilled eggplants are a tantalising dish to have, as the tender flesh is covered with some charred edges, giving it a nice crisp. The secret to perfectly cooked eggplants is to slice them and marinate them in saltwater for at least 30 minutes before bringing them to the grill. Season them with your favourite combo, from balsamic vinegar to cinnamon, pesto or some feta cheese.

Prepare some of these foods for your next barbeque gathering, and leave the main dishes to your barbeque caterer! Meanwhile, you can do your part by getting BBQ wholesale in Singapore so they can start on the grilling. The unique concoctions will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests!