How To Grill Any Steak Perfectly

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Grilling a perfect steak can either be an easy job or a hard one depending on the approaches you take. Therefore, you must set a good plan that will help you get the job done correctly. Remember, you can always use the internet to search for barbeque catering Singapore whenever you feel stuck. Otherwise, use the following tips the next time you are grilling for the best results:

Start by defrosting

In many instances, you usually get your steak from the nippy ice chest to the hot flame. You won’t get a uniformly cooked steak along these lines as the outside of the meat tends to cook quicker than the inside. If you want it to cook evenly, it is ideal for removing the steaks from the ice chest about thirty minutes before you intend to cook.

Place the steak on your kitchen counter and unwrap it. Take a plate and let your steak rest on it as it defrosts. To grill the best steak, you don’t require so much flavoring. Just sprinkling some kosher salt on it is all you need to make it tasty. This does not mean you can’t add some of your favorite seasonings to spice things up. But, if you want to save yourself the hassle of defrosting and marinating your steak, you can always get a pre-made one from BBQ catering services.

Clean the grill and spread some oil on it

Whenever you are grilling, ensure you are working with clean barbecue grates. In doing so, you avoid having a hard time flipping and removing the food on your grill as it will tend to stick. Clean it when you are done using a small wire brush. Make sure to clean each grate on its own for best results. You can also clean the grill just before usage by only preheating it for the easier dirt removal.

You additionally need to coat the meshes with vegetable or canola oil before warming the barbecue. Pour a tad of oil preferably on a small piece of paper towel and gently rub onto the now clean cold barbecue grates.

Get the grill heat up

There are two types of flames you will use to ensure that the outside of your meat is crispy while the inside is tender and well cooked. You will require fire to make those slightly grill stripes on your meat. To know whether it is warm enough, raise your hand about an inch from the grill.

If it gets excessively hot in less than a second then you good to start. Separate the meat afterwards and put it in a cooler flame so that it cooks perfectly inside. In a charcoal barbecue, one side ought to have a hot flash while the other a cooler fire.

Learn to determine if the steak is well cooked

The secrets that prepare use to know a well-done steak is by merely poking it at various phases of cooking. As the meat cooks on the grill, its texture changes from being squishy and soft to a well-done firm steak. From time to time, try jabbing the meat with your finger to learn the difference. While doing this, you should take extra caution to avoid burning your fingers. It just needs to be jabbed once in a while.

Note if you disturb the meat too much, you will not get satisfying results that you desire. Just let it cook on its own with the exceptions of you flipping it once and moving it to a cooler flame. Do not stab it down with a spatula as it will only release the juices into the fire’s underneath.

Using a thermometer check the temperature or use a timer for cooking

The thickness of your steak is the determining factor of whether you will need a timer or a thermometer. When the depth is more than one and a half inches, a thermostat is usually a suitable device to use. It helps you know the exact temperature at which your steak will be ready. A well-cooked steak should be removed at a temperature between 120F and 135F.

In the cases where it happens to be less than one and a half-inch thick, the timer is your best friend here. Three minutes are enough to grill each side of your steak.

Let the steak rest for a while before serving

Eating your steak immediately it’s off the grill is usually not the best move to make. You need to understand that if you don’t let it rest for about 10 minutes, then you will end up expelling the tasty juices from it when you cut it. Try and not rush into it and give your steak just a few minutes before you dig in.

Now that you know how to grill a steak to perfection – it’s time you get all your food and supplies ready. Whether it’s getting your BBQ online or via your local grocery store, make sure you have them before you start the session!