Pitting Gas Against Charcoal: Which Grill Is Right For You?

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Most HDB-dwellers in Singapore rely on public BBQ pits to do their barbequing, but if you have the luxury of a private home, a barbeque grill offers a dozen times more convenience than a public one. For one, you can barbeque anytime in your own backyard as long as you call up a catering company for BBQ wholesale ingredients.

If barbeque sessions are a regular in your family, having a BBQ grill at home is essential. Whether you are looking to buy a BBQ grill for the first time, or thinking of replacing your worn-out BBQ grill, you may be wondering what’s the best kind of barbeque grill to get.

Yes, the dilemma occurs because two main types of BBQ grills exist in the world: the gas grill and the charcoal grill. There are strong proponents for each type, but as you will soon see, both have their merits and pitfalls. Here’s an overview of both types to help you with your choice:

Advantages of gas grills

The greatest advantage of the gas grill is that it takes a shorter time to preheat. This means no waiting for the charcoal to heat up, and you can get cooking faster! Who doesn’t want to be able to have their dinner quicker, right?

Other benefits of gas grills include its ease of cleaning, and the option to control the heat with more precision. In addition, it is reported that a gas grill produces more steam when cooking than charcoal grills do, which keeps food more moist and juicy on the gas grill. For those who are concerned about missing the smoky taste of charcoal, some premium gas grills have smoke boxes that you can use to inject some smoky flavour into your food.

Disadvantages of gas grills

The main deterrence for gas grills is its high price point as compared to charcoal grills. Depending on the technology and accessories on the grill, gas grills can cost a few hundreds to thousands of dollars. Furthermore, gas grills are typically more bulky, making it an unwise choice for those who seek a portable option. It doesn’t help that you need to fuel the grill with gas, which comes in a bulky cylinder.

Advantages of charcoal grills

Turning to the charcoal variant, those who prefer this type of grill are partial to the original smoky flavour it imparts to their food. After all, charcoal is the original way to barbeque, and it can be more exciting to cook in this way. Of course, charcoal grills are also much cheaper than gas grills, as it doesn’t require much fancy technology to produce.

Loyalists to the charcoal grill also appreciate that charcoal can produce a much higher heat than gas grills, which can give the meats you cook that lovely sear. On top of that, charcoal grills are typically more portable than gas grills, making it a great choice if you will be barbequing in different locations.

Disadvantages of charcoal grills

However, charcoal grills are not without their limitations. Most people’s complaint regarding charcoal grills is the tedious setup, preheat time, and messy cleanup. There are also the risks that come with handling glowing hot charcoals and having ashes in your food. Additionally, charcoal grills are tough to control, unlike gas grills where you can just turn a knob to set your desired heat level.

As you can see, the battle between gas grills and charcoal grills is perfectly warranted. The ultimate winner will depend on your requirements and preferences. Your choice should be aligned with how often you barbeque, and how you like to do your barbeque. Pick the one that’s right for you, and look forward to grilling to your hearts’ content!