The Best of Beef: Top 5 Steak Cuts!

Mavis Loh Blog

Most people go to a butcher or supermarket to scour seemingly endless steak options. To make sure that you’ve got a good quality steak to serve your guests, you need to beef up your knowledge of steak cuts.

Rib Eye 

The ribeye is every steak-lover’s deal breaker and it has long been a favorite of steak lovers worldwide. It is the most flavourful cut of the cow and comes with luscious marbling, allowing the meat to be both very tender, juicy and the perfect cut for grilling and slow roasting.

Striploin/ New York Strip 

The striploin, which goes by many names, is also known as the New York strip, strip loin, shell steak, strip steak, and internationally, the “club” steak. It is the Mozart at any fine steakhouse, with superb amount of marbling which gives it its tenderness and favour. It is also a great alternative with lower fat content for people who don’t enjoy the ribeye. The NY strip steak is ideal for grilling even though many still prefer it rare, showcasing the delicate flavour and its naturally tender texture.

Top Sirloin 

The top sirloin is a relatively lean cut of steak. Although it does not possess as much marbling as a ribeye or striploin, it sure has enough to provide good flavour for a steak. When getting a top sirloin cut, do bear in mind to get one that is between 1 to 2-inches thick, ideally 2-inches, to prevent it from drying out as easily when grilled.


The tenderloin, also known to many as the filet mignon, is the most tender cut from the cow. It’s not the most flavorful steak as it does not have a bone attached to it, but it can be topped with your favourite spices or sauces to enhance its flavour. This has got to be the go-to for those for doesn’t enjoy the marbling of the ribeye and striploin.   


Named after it appearance, the T-bone is known to be the “King” of steaks because you actually get two steaks in one. On one side, you get the striploin, and on the other, you get the filet mignon. They are best grilled or broiled to medium rare temperature. If you’re cooking one, do note that the meat near the bones tend to cook more slowly than other parts of the steak. 

With the wide array of beef cuts available in the markets, there’ll surely be one to suit you and your guests’ taste buds. But why go through all the hassle of selecting the right beef cuts and risk destroying them when you can simply leave it in the hands of professional chefs to enjoy the ultimate BBQ Omakase experience at your doorstep? Simply send in your request! While our chefs pick the best in-season cuts of meat, you just sit back, relax and enjoy your BBQ night with your friends and family.