4 Types of Grilled Mushrooms For Any BBQ Starter

Mavis Loh Blog

Who doesn’t love mushrooms as a BBQ starter? Grilled mushrooms when roasted right, are juicy and intensely flavourful, with a meaty texture. However, before you fire up your BBQ pit, think about the type of mushrooms you have. Here’re our top picks on the types of mushroom and how you should prepare them:

Big-cap Mushroom

Mushrooms like portobellos and large shiitakes can be grilled as a whole on the grate because they’re relatively easy to flip. Furthermore, their large size prevents them from falling through the grates.

Enoki Mushroom

The optimal way to grill your enoki mushrooms is to first divide a single cluster into smaller bunches, then bundle those smaller bunches securely with cooking twine so they don’t come apart on the grill. Alternatively, you could lightly massage the enoki mushrooms to loosen them but keep them in a large cluster (do not break them up).

Oyster Mushroom

This has got to be the easiest mushroom in its family to BBQ. Simply create a “tray” using aluminium foil, oil it with margarine and lay your oyster mushrooms in it. Remember, you don’t want to burn it, so do not leave it directly above the big fires and give it a good toss every now and then.

King Trumpets

Your thick-stemmed king trumpets should be thickly sliced (about half an inch). This is to prevent them from falling through the grate and to give them time to cook through without drying out.

Final (& general) tip to grill mushrooms

Regardless if you’re BBQ-ing meats or mushrooms, it is important to have a clean and well-lubricated grill. Additionally, you do not want to expose your mushrooms to direct heat, so arrange the charcoals on one side of the charcoal grate. Once the grill is hot and ready to go, place the mushrooms toward the middle of the grate.

When your grilled mushrooms are cooked to perfection, transfer them to a plate and let them rest for a few minutes. They are best enjoyed at room temperature, so don’t worry about serving it hot off the grill. It’s the perfect side dish for a variety of grilled meats, but also perfectly delicious on its own.

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