5 Grilled Vegetables That Show Meat Who Is Boss

Mavis Loh Blog

No matter how much you love a good steak or spicy chicken wings hot off the barbecue, a BBQ party isn’t complete without some grilled vegetables. So, if you haven’t started incorporating grilled veggies in your BBQ parties, you might want to do so with our top 5 picks! Not only are they a healthier option, they taste just as good!

1. Mushrooms

Did you know, there’re more than 10,000 types of mushroom which makes your possibilities endless. Refer to our post on our 5 favourite types of mushrooms to grill!

You just simply need to slice up and toss your desired mushroom with olive oil (or unsalted butter), salt, and pepper. Wrap your mushrooms with a piece of aluminium foil and leave it on the grill for about 5 to 10 minutes. Avoid leaving it directly on top of big fires.

2. Broccoli

Garlic grilled broccoli needs to be on your menu the next time you decide to grill. It will make anyone fall in love with broccoli. After washing your broccoli, you just need to prepare it with olive oil and any spice combination you like and leave them in the fridge. During the BBQ, you just need to place a large piece of foil on the grill, toss the prepared broccoli on it, and you’l have one killer side dish in 8 minutes.

3. Corn

At any BBQ party, grilled corn on the cob is basically mandatory. Sweet and crunchy with a bit of smokey char, so juicy it runs down your chin – hmmm thinking about it makes me drool. Here’s how you can prep your corn: Coat it generously with olive oil (or salted-butter for the added flavour). To make your cooking experience a whole lot easier, you can choose to either wrap it in aluminium foil and dump in into the the grate for about 8-10 minutes (direct fire) or 12-14 minutes (indirect fire). Just remember to give it a good toss regularly to prevent having a burnt side. Alternatively, you can stick a disposable wooden chopstick through the corn and roast it like how you would with a piece of satay until corn is charred.

4. Asparagus

This is the best way to make any party have an instant upgrade in class. The best thing is, it doesn’t even require much effort! Just brush the asparagus with olive oil and grill under direct heat for 4 to 6 minutes, turning intermittently. Tada! It’s ready to be served.

5. Potatoes

Roasted potatoes are really quick and easy to prepare. Pop them onto the BBQ and forget them,’til the rest of dinner is ready! Just simply cut your potatoes into half, season it with olive oil (or butter), salt, pepper and if you wish, some bacon bits and wrap them up in a foil. Simple as that!

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