Yes To Modern Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

Mavis Loh Blog

The Chinese culture dates as far back as 5,000 years. It has been a traditional custom that loved ones gather together for a reunion dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year (CNY), to usher in the new lunar year. Prior to the eve of CNY, everyone would be scrambling around the markets or restaurants in search for fresh ingredients or dishes that will make a good rhyming sound with prosperity, health, fertility and luck. So how can you make your stand out against every other year’s reunion dinner? If you are still scratching your head for ideas, maybe this post might help you a bit or two.

Buffet Catering

Unlike a traditional reunion sit-down dinner, a catered buffet dinner for CNY can actually be very enjoyable. Not only will you be served by great chefs, fresh and beautifully palette food, you get to eat an endless flow of delicious food like crabs, oysters and sashimi! And of course a full course meal from appetiser to desserts. To top it off, you won’t need to feel like someone’s rushing you to finish up your food for the table!

Pot Luck

Cooking can be rewarding but also a chore, especially so when it comes to cooking for your entire kampong! So why not divide and conquer with all the master chefs from each household? With every family coming with a dish, you’d be more than spoilt for choices when it comes to dinner time.


This is definitely something a little more unconventional, but if done right, could possibly be one of the best and most unique reunion dinners. Think about the idea of everyone sitting, standing or walking around the BBQ pit and sharing what they’ve been up to recently. If you’re afraid of the clean up or the preparation hassle, there’re always home BBQ catering services like Sunday Roast available! It’s the ultimate hands off experience, you just state your budget and the F1 team will have everything ready for you and your guests. Did I mention that it includes having a chef to cook for you?

DIY Steamboat/Hotpot

If all else fails, this is your go-to emergency back up plan because it’s the simplest to prepare. All you need to do is get the Hai Di Lao soup bases from your nearest supermarket, some ingredients along the way and tada! You’re ready to serve your family! Plus, you don’t have to do the cooking, because everyone will sit around, chit chat while your fishballs and mushrooms slowly cook in the pot.

With that, Sunday Roast wishes everyone a Healthy & Prosperous Lunar New Year. 我们预祝您新年快乐,合家安康,天天有鼠不完的好预兆!