10 Tips to Grill and Serve the Perfect Rib

Mavis Loh Blog

Did you know? The rib is the ideal and perfect morsel of meat for anyone meat lovers! Here’re our top 10 tips to roast the tastiest ribs for your next BBQ party.

Baby Backs

Go for baby backs! They make great starter ribs as they’re tender, well-marbled, and quick and easy to cook.

Plump Meaty Racks

Keep a lookout for plump meaty racks when buying ribs. You may want to avoid ribs with so much meat removed that you can see its shiny bones.

Layering Flavours

Great ribs are the product of applying multiple layers of flavor. You can apply a layer of marinade as the base layer, then your favourite rib sauce as a second layer of flavor. Remember to keep the ribs moist during cooking. At the end of roasting the rib, apply the barbecue sauce as a glaze. For even more flavor, sear it onto the meat directly over a hot fire.

Easy-Peasy Rib Rub Formula

Mix salt, pepper, paprika, and brown sugar in equal proportions. You can customize it to your taste by adding garlic or onion powder, chili powder or cumin, or even a ringer ingredient, like coffee or cocoa.

Apple Cider

Spray your ribs with apple cider as an alternative way to add flavor and moistness to your ribs.

Types of cooking methods

Direct grill are more suitable for tender cuts, like pork country style ribs, or Argentinean cross cut beef ribs, while indirect grill are apt for tender fatty ribs, like baby backs. Tough meaty ribs with lots of connective tissues, like spare ribs would taste best when smoked. Don’t forget spit-roasting, which is great for lamb ribs or Brazilian style baby backs. If you’re smoking your ribs, maintain temperatures of 100 to 120 degrees celsius. If indirect grilling ribs, maintain temperatures of 160 to 175 degrees.

Lamb Ribs

While beef and pork ribs are the go-tos for many, don’t limit yourself to just these options. Lamb ribs are enjoyed on much and are absolutely terrific.

Never Boil Your Ribs Before Grilling

Boiling denatures the flavor and texture – that’s what you do to bones to make stock. You can achieve the requisite tenderness by indirect grilling or smoking. The same hold true for baking or braising prior to grilling.

Chopping & Serving

Turn the ribs meat-side down on the cutting board before cutting into portions or individual ribs. This way it’s easier to see the meat between the bones.

BBQ Sauce Only At The End

Finally, apply the barbecue sauce during the final minutes of cooking. Otherwise, the sugar will burn before the meat is cooked. Move the sauced ribs directly over the fire. Watch carefully, and don’t let the sugars burn.

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