4 Tips to Host a BBQ Party on a Budget

Mavis Loh Blog

A very common misconception is the fact that it is expensive to host a BBQ party, but is it not! In fact, if you follow the following tips, I am sure that you will be able to shave some costs off your next BBQ.

Avoid Expensive BBQ Meat Cuts

Firstly, you’ve got to understand that you don’t need to feed 20 of your guests with those filet mignon to truly enjoy your BBQ food. Instead, you can still get a ton of flavours and textures from some of the cheapest cuts like hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken wings and bone-in chicken thighs. If that sounds boring to you, just remind yourself that all three are classic grilling items. Even better, get your guests to bring along their favourite uncooked meat and you can grill it up once they arrive. With this method, not only will you save money, but everyone gets to eat exactly what they want.

Where to Buy Ingredients From

You should try getting them from the butcher, either from the wet market or anyone near you. You’ll be surprised at just how much money this can save you, especially so if you can charm the store uncle or aunty with your words. If you’re buying in bulk, do try to bargain, you might get some good discounts! Furthermore, these experts might just be able to advise what cuts are best for your guest profiles/occasion.

Opt for Recycled Disposable Utensils

Remember those buffet lunches or dinners you might have attended last month? Those are probably the best opportunities to take home some unused disposable utensils so that you can use them for your upcoming BBQ party. You not only save the environment by using these disposable utensils which are meant for the garbage dump, you still save on some money on buying new ones.

Host your BBQ at a condominium or borrow a portable BBQ pit

If you’re living in a condominium, why not make full use of that maintenance fees you’ve been paying for on a monthly basis? If not, try asking a friend/guest who lives in one. They’re free! Or at least most of them are. Otherwise, if you or you know someone who owns a portable BBQ, loan it from them, so that you can host your BBQ at the comfort of your home, where there’s a fridge and kitchen where you can store  and handle your food hygienically.

We know, BBQ is always a huge hassle that requires one to start prepping from days in advance. So, why not consider a BBQ catering? You get someone to plan and cook for you while you focus on the other things that matters. Yes yes, we know that sounds nothing like affordable, but at Sunday Roast, we strive to meet our customer’s expectations. Therefore, we work around your budget to create that BBQ party that you and your guests will enjoy! Find out more here now.