7 BBQ Hacks You Definitely Need To Try

Mavis Loh Blog

We’ve previously discussed an essential set of BBQ tips and tricks for a barbecue party and our top 5 useful pro tips to help you with barbecuing. Now let us share with you more hacks, because we know they’ll come in handy for your next BBQ party!

Use a two-zone system

Having a BBQ at a single temperature is a bad idea. Use a good pair of tongs to move the coals or wood so that one half of the grill is hotter than the other, allowing you to regulate cooking temperatures.

Put condiments in a muffin tray

Condiments are king at barbecues, but having a table full of bottles isn’t very visually appealing. Using a muffin tray to serve condiments looks nicer, and allows you to carry them from the kitchen with ease.

Soak skewers in water

If you’re going to make kebabs, make sure you soak wooden or bamboo skewers in water for an hour before cooking to prevent them from burning up.

Cook fish on lemon slices

Set a layer of lemon slices on the grill to prevent delicate fishes from sticking onto the grill. Additionally, it helps to impart a citrusy flavour.

Fill a spray bottle with apple juice

If you worry about food drying out, spray some apple juice onto meat while it cooks. You’ll get a great taste and aroma, and the food will remain wonderfully moist.

Use herbs as a skewer

Rosemary not only works especially well as a substitute for your boring wooden skewers, but also good for imparting great flavour while looking aesthetic.

Barbecues aren’t just for savoury foods

There are a whole host of desserts, which can be made on a barbecue. Marshmallow and strawberry kebabs and marshmallow and Nutella-filled banana skins are two the family are bound to love. Alternatively for those health junkies, you may want to consider grilling avocados and peaches which provides a pack of nutrients and vitamins.

Alternatively, why not have a hands-free, omakase-styled BBQ party with your friends and leave the whole BBQ mess to us professionals to work our magic. Not only will you have less of a headache, your guests are gonna have one hell of a party with our amazing food choices!