3 Easy Steps to Remove the Membrane from Ribs

Mavis Loh Blog

BBQ ribs has got to be everyone’s favorite dish. I mean you can’t go wrong with it. Whether you’re grilling or smoking them, there’s nothing more satisfying then presenting a beautiful rack of ribs at a BBQ party. But, preparation is key, and one of the most important things you’ve got to do with this fresh rack of pork is to remove its membrane. This layer of fat that can be found on the underside of the rack. Although it is not harmful by any means, it can turn rubbery when cooked, making your meat tough and even inedible at times.

Step 1: Start at the ends of the ribs

Find where the membrane or silver skin starts at one end of the rack. Use a blunt knife to slide under the skin and carefully separate it away from the bone.

Step 2: Slowly tear the membrane

Slowly start to pull it away until you can can get two fingers underneath. Then use your hands to start to pull it away. Try to be as gentle as possible so as to not risk breaking or slicing the skin.

Step 3: Tearing the skin tactfully

Using a paper towel, remove the skin slowly, ensuring that you keep it intact. If it does tear then don’t worry – just use the paper towel to remove as many pieces of membrane as you can.

If you’re stuck for time of just find the whole removal process too difficult then don’t worry. Many ribs come with the membrane pre-removed. Alternatively, you may consider hiring a knowledgeable yet highly customisable BBQ catering so that you can leave these tedious work to the pros!