COVID-19: Keep Your Family Safe with Sunday Roast

Mavis Loh Blog

As of 29 March 2020, Singapore has seen a total of 844 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 3 deaths and 212 cases discharged. While the Singapore government is constantly implementing new and stricter measures to reduce the risk of the infection spreading, we should do our part too!

1. Practice Good Personal Hygiene

Practice good personal hygiene like washing your hands regularly with soap and water and avoid touching your face. Avoiding contact in crowded areas as much as possible is one of the essential ways to reduce risk. When feeling unwell (be it a symptom of the coronavirus or not), quickly seek medical attention and rest well AT HOME!

2. Stick to Safe & Clean Food Preparation Methods

To simplify things this whole food purchasing and handling process, you may want to order food online from a trusted Singapore food catering company and have all your goodies delivered to you. Service providers like Sunday Roast have developed special opportunities for you to enjoy high quality nutrition during the coronavirus outbreak. You may also indicate other personalised request (like preferences) to make your meal a homely one!

3. Practice Caution When Selecting Your Service Providers

Food safety and impeccable hygiene are two essentials for preventing the spread of the COVID-19. Therefore, Sunday Roast prides ourselves for having to enforce the following measure to provide a peace of mind for all our customers!

  1. Ensure that NONE of our employees has travelled out of Singapore in the last month.
  2. Employee’s temperatures should be taken on a daily basis.
  3. Step up on our equipment cleaning routines.
  4. Ensure that all employees are required to wear masks when performing any tasks.
  5. Keep track daily on MOH updates and advisories and educate our employees.
  6. Monitor our employees closely to ensure they are fit for work and give them necessary rest periods when required.

We believe in attention to detail. Therefore, our dedicated team of chefs has the background knowledge and the experience to have flavourful and perfectly cooked meals at your doorstep. We are equally experienced in offering BBQ catering services for large and small corporate or private events events all year round.

If you plan to spend more time at home and reduce your exposure to potential virus carriers, ordering food in would be the smartest thing to do. Contact Sunday Roast today!