6 Must Know BBQ Temperatures

Mavis Loh Blog

If you want to be successful BBQ-ing on your grill, you will need to understand HEAT. A lot of people just fire up their grill, pop some steaks on, and wonder why they come out dry like shoe leather and taste like burnt cardboard. I know, there’s the Singaporean agar-ation but it’s still better be safe than sorry. Especially so for BBQ beginners. There are actually just two important numbers here: the temperature in the cook chamber which helps you with indirect grilling, smoking, and smoke-roasting and┬áthe temperature at the grate level which helps with direct grilling.

But how many degrees is medium heat on a grill? You can estimate the heat on a grill without a thermometer fairly easy by hovering your palm over the BBQ grill top and count the number of seconds you can hold them there before having the urge to pull them away.

Here are 6 must-know BBQ temperature and the amount of time to “measure” your heat without a thermometer:

Low Heat (225 to 275 degrees)

Time: 12+ seconds
Great temperature for: Smoking and true BBQ
Best used to BBQ: Brisket, ribs, pork shoulder, shoulder clod, whole pigs, lamb, or goats

Medium-Low Heat (275 to 325 degrees)

Time: 8-10 seconds
Great temperature for: True barbecue and indirect grilling
Best used to BBQ: Ribs and pork shoulder

Medium Heat (325 to 375 degrees)

Time: 6-7 seconds
Great temperature for: Direct grilling, indirect grilling, smoke-roasting
Best used to BBQ: Roasts, pork loin, poultry, fish and large dense vegetables such as cabbage, onions, or cauliflower

Medium-High Heat (375 to 450 degrees)

Time: 4-5 seconds
Great temperature for: Direct grilling, indirect grilling, smoke-roasting, plancha, and salt slab grilling
Best used to BBQ: Chicken pieces, planked fish, large vegetables.

High Heat (450 to 650 degrees)

Time: 1-2 seconds
Great temperature for: Direct grilling
Best used to BBQ: Steak, chops, fish steaks, pizza, chicken breasts, small or high moisture vegetables or fruit.

Frickin’ Hot (650 degrees and higher)

Time: Nope, not possible
Great temperature for: Direct grilling and infrared grilling
Best used to BBQ: Steaks and chops

It just takes some patience, time and practice to get this right. Alternatively, let our BBQ chefs at Sunday Roast to take over this tedious job? At Sunday Roast, you can choose to order your favourite BBQ foods or simply opt for Omakase where you leave it up to our BBQ chefs to select and do their magic. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to book for your next BBQ party!