New Ways To Use Your BBQ Grill Part I

Mavis Loh Blog

While grilling for some of the tastiest BBQ foods for you and your guests on BBQ nights, we are all aware and frequently uses the direct grilling method (where relatively small, tender foods are positioned directly over a hot fire), indirect grilling or smoking. However, there are other ways to engage the power of live fire. Here’s a list of new techniques you’ll want to add to your repertoire as you heat up your grill for the next BBQ party!

Plancha Grilling

Plancha, when translated from Spanish means griddle, is an easy upgrade to your regular BBQ charcoal or gas grill. With simply just a carbon steel plancha set over the BBQ grill, can open a world of possibilities. This method of BBQ cooking resembles how you would use a cast iron skillet to sear, saute and pan-fry. Your beautifully marbled cuts of meat won’t flare up from it’s oil dripping into the fire nor will it dry out, veggies won’t fall through the grill grate, and hard-to-sear items, like citrus and avocados, can be charred and caramelised.

Rotisserie Grilling

Also known as spit-roasting, rotisserie grilling can easily be deemed as one of the oldest methods of live-fire cooking. It is like as though both direct and indirect grilling had a child. The gentle rotation helps your BBQ food cook evenly without the risk of flare-ups while it bastes itself. This method of BBQ cooking results in a savoury seared surface and an extraordinarily moist interior for your large cuts of meats such as everyone’s favourite suckling pig!

Grilling in the Coals

This is the original grilling method used by our ancestors nearly 2 million years ago! Grilling directly in the coals doesn’t require a grill grate. You just need a nice pile of charcoals. Although this may sound similar to direct grilling, this form of BBQ grilling allows you to achieve a crustier exterior and smokier flavour. You just simply need to build a charcoal fire out of natural lump charcoal and rake the embers out with a grill hoe. Subsequently, fan the fire with a fan or folded newspaper to dislodge any loose ash. Now’s the fun part, simply lay the food directly on the embers! You should try this method with your BBQ steaks or chops which are at least 1-inch thick and vegetables such as eggplant, cabbage, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, corn and onions.

In our Part II of New Ways To Use Your BBQ Grill, we’ll discuss about more about the Salt Slab Grilling, Leaf Grilling and Plank Grilling. So stay tuned for it!