New Ways To Use Your BBQ Grill Part II

Mavis Loh Blog

In our last blog post on New Ways To Use Your BBQ Grill Part I, we discussed about some of the new techniques such as Plancha, Rotisserie and Grilling in the Coals, which you may want to add to your repertoire as you heat up your grill for the next BBQ party! And as promised, here are 3 more unique grilling techniques which you can keep up your sleeves!

Plank Grilling

Plank grilling isn’t something new when it comes to BBQ, though it has gained some spotlight over the years. What is new is the way we grill — charring the plank without soaking it first. This technique is used to grill almost everything – from salmon to shrimps and other shellfish, and even fruits.

Salt Slab Grilling

Salt slabs are new game players in the BBQ grilling scene. Not only can they be used as a plancha or grilling plank, they can also be used as a savoury platform to rest your juicy BBQ steaks and chops. Additionally, you can use them as a serving platter! You just simply need to place the slat slab onto your BBQ grill and set it up for indirect grilling. Salt slab grilling is so adaptable that you can grill your whole fishes, fillets, steaks, chops, onions, and almost anything you’d like on them.

Leaf Grilling

Long before grill grates existed, our ancestors wrapped BBQ foods in leaves and cooked them in campfires. Leaf grilling introduces an inimitable herbaceous smoke flavour to any food, more often seafood, cooked inside of it. If you’re adventurous enough, you might want to try wrapping your BBQ food in cedar grilling paper and char it over a hot fire.