Benefits of BBQ on a Himalayan Salt Block

Mavis Loh Blog

1. Adding Nutrients To Your Meals

A Himalayan salt block is primarily made up of 98% sodium chloride, which is the similar compound found in your regular table salt. Minerals such as sulphur, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron make up the remaining 2%. This is also the reason behind the slight difference between the Himalayan salt blocks and regular table salt as it imparts your BBQ foods with a tad bit more minerals.

2. Enhances Flavour Of BBQ Foods

If you haven’t already tried cooking your BBQ foods on a Himalayan salt block, you should! This is because it gives your BBQ meals an unexpected flavour due to its mineral content. Furthermore, Himalayan salt blocks have excellent heat distribution, which reduces cooking time, gives your dishes a unique texture and prevents your dish from becoming too salty.

3. Combat Germs

Salt is known for its preservation and bateria-fighting properties. This is why it’s often added to foods to increase shelf life and inhibit unwanted bacterial growth. Thus, this explains why Himalayan salt blocks are marketed as a natural antibacterial or antimicrobial cooking surface that helps to reduce your risk of food poisoning. However, although salt blocks may provide a certain level of protection against harmful bacteria, they still do not offer itself as a replacement for safe food-handling, preparation, and BBQ cooking practices.