4 Different Ways To Use Your BBQ Warming Rack

Mavis Loh Blog

If you own a BBQ grill, chances there’s a warming rack that comes along with it. My next question to you is, how often do you actually utilise this warming rack? A lot of the time, they go under-utilised as people struggle to figure out their purpose. What a shame! But, don’t worry, in this blog post, we will share with you 4 great ways to incorporate them into your BBQ cooking.

1. Keeping Your BBQ Foods Warm

Like duh? As the name explains, the warming rack is a great place to simply move your done, or almost done BBQ foods that you just need to keep warm! You’ve got a few pieces of BBQ pork chops ready to be served, but some that need a little more time? Move them to the warming rack to your uncooked ones a little more room on the primary BBQ grill. This way, you’d be able to serve warm and freshly cooked BBQ foods to your guests!

2. Secondary Space For Your Indirect BBQ

There are times when you will be grilling a lot of things that requires direct, high heat. This includes your burgers, hot dogs and even some meats. However, when grilling BBQ foods that takes a bit longer and does not require direct, high heat (e.g. potatoes and corns), you can simply marinate, wrap them up in a foil and leave them on the warming rack to slow cook. You can try using the same technique for foil wrapped asparagus, peppers and many other veggies too.

3. Evacuation Zone For Your BBQ Flare Ups

You must have experienced a flare up once or twice in your BBQ journey. Ever wondered why? This happens when fats or oils slip through your BBQ grill and into the fire. Therefore, you will be more prone to flare ups when grilling fat and juicy meats! Furthermore, to achieve that ideal insta-worthy BBQ shot, or simply trying to be efficient, you will likely to fill your grill to the corners. And when the space on the cooking grates is in short supply, you might just not have an alternative space to move your BBQ foods around. Thus, in such situations, you can make use of your warming rack for a minute or two to house some foods while the flare up burns itself out.

4. BBQ Bun Station

Many BBQ chefs like to heat up their hot dog and burger buns before serving. But has there been instances where you left your buns on the main grill and forgotten about them? Yeah, burnt buns are just gross. Therefore, the warming rack makes for a great place to put them without charring them up too much.

Now that are aware of the different uses of your warming rack, go forth and don’t let your warming rack go to waste the next time you host a BBQ party!