3 Things To Look Out For When Grilling Turkey On A Kettle

Mavis Loh Blog

You can smoke on your kettle and the process is pretty easy.

1. Preparing the Turkey

You can have the best BBQ chef grilling for you. However, with bad ingredients, your food still isn’t gonna turn out fantastic. Therefore, we always over emphasise on picking out the freshest turkey. If you have any questions, don’t be shy to ask your butcher! Let him/her know that you’ll be BBQ-ing it because he’s your best person to advise what to get! Also keep in mind the size of your turkey – you want to make sure it fits in your kettle. Whilst preparing for your BBQ turkey back at home, you may want to consider brining it as it is a great way to add weight and moisture to your BBQ meat. Additionally, don’t be afraid to add your favourite flavours! Last but not least, cover the top of your turkey with a cheesecloth and leave it aside for the first 2-3 hours!

2. Preparing the Grill

For roasting above 275 degrees, you want to arrange your lighted charcoal evenly across the area of your kettle. Next, place a large drip pan in the center of the  piles, this will be used to catch drippings and also as a heat sink. Thereafter, place the cooking grate on and make sure that the hinged part of the grate is directly over the charcoal so that you can easily add more briquettes or charcoal to keep your fire going. Do ensure that the bottom vents are locked in to about a quarter of the way open and start with the top vent halfway open. Control the temperature throughout the process by turning the top vent to being more open to get the temperature higher or closing it a little to cool it down. Lastly, allow your grill to preheat your BBQ grill for 10-15 minutes, before putting your juicy BBQ turkey into your kettle.

3. Time

It is still ultimately important to keep an eye on your turkey. Therefore, check the temperature of your BBQ turkey about midway and three quarters through your cook. At midway, you can also take this opportunity to flip your BBQ turkey. If you have your charcoal all on one side of the grill, rotate the turkey as well it so that it does not cook too much on one side. This will help you monitor the turkey and make sure it is not over cooked! However, don’t keep opening the lid as it’ll take a longer time to cook. So be patient, relax and go catch up with your friends at the BBQ party. Just don’t forget about your turkey.

So when is it done?

Check the temperature of the turkey on the innermost part of the thigh and the thickest part of the breast to make sure that it is fully cooked at 165 degrees before removing it. This step is important! Let it rest for 20-30% of the total cooking time.  You can loosely cover the turkey with a piece of aluminium foil while it is resting.

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