4 Popular Types of BBQ Grills

Mavis Loh Blog

BBQ Charcoal Grill

Oh good ol’ trusty BBQ grill. Remember how you’d be struggling to start one of these at East Coast Park or chalets? These BBQ grills makes use of charcoal briquettes as the fuel and the flame power for cooking. Despite having to spend more time BBQing with a charcoal grill, some people will always prefer the taste of cooking with charcoal as the grilled, smokey flavour is to die for! For some reason, cooking with charcoal has a distinct romance that is clearly lacking with a modern gas grill. It’s downside? Post-BBQ party clean up as you will probably need to spend some time cleaning up your grill and disposing of the ashes when you’re done.

BBQ Gas Grill

This has got it be the most popular type of BBQ grill today. They can run either on bottled propane or natural gas from your utility provider. Our advise if if you have access to a natural gas line, utilising it is certainly more convenient and less expensive than refilling propane tanks. BBQ gas grills are perfect for the impatient BBQ chefs who wants to quickly fire up and BBQ those mouthwatering BBQ meats and vegetables without having to worry about the post-party clean up. However, there are downsides to it as well – flavour & price. Although some BBQ gas grills may come with smoker boxes, the smoke flavour is still harder to achieve when compared to a charcoal grill. Furthermore, it will always been more expensive than a comparable charcoal grill in the market.

BBQ Electric Grill

The BBQ electric grill has been gaining much popularity these days as they are generally much more compact – perfect for HDB owners like majority of Singaporeans! These grills are powered by electricity and cook meat using heated grill plates – no fire required. There are indoor and outdoor varieties available. Electric grills are the easiest to start – just plug it into a nearby outlet and turn the control knob. As you would expect, however, they can only move as far as their power cord will let them go. Similar to its gas grills counterparts, they lack the smoked flavour of cooking with charcoal but they are an affordable, convenient way to cook that’s getting better with time.

BBQ Pallet Grill

Pellet grills have been around for over 30 years but have seen a resurgence in the last few years. They make use of hardwood pellets as their heat source, and offer a combination of desirable features from both gas and charcoal style grills. Pellet grills are electrically powered but burn hardwood pellets for heat and smoke. A hopper then dispenses food-safe pellets into the grill as needed to maintain at your desired temperature. This allows for precise, digital heat control to evenly cook at a consistent temperature like an oven.

Ultimately, with so many options on the market, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Choosing the grill for your needs will depend on what you’re cooking, the convenience you’re after, your budget and even where you live. If you’re on a tight budget, a BBQ gas and pallet grill is immediately out of the question. However, electric or gas BBQ grills are your best budget options for long-term use and entry level pricing. Furthermore, these BBQ grills requires the least maintenance as compared to the other options listed above! No matter which BBQ grill you choose, it’s always a great excuse to grab your favourite BBQ meats and have some friends over for an awesome BBQ party to “test things out”!