What Is The Best Cut Of Meat For BBQ Pork Chops?

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Pork chops are an iconic comfort food dish because it’s such a quick, easy and hearty go-to BBQ food. Not only are they filling, they’re also packed with nutritious, is less expensive and fatty than beef, and really easy to prepare. However, it does have BBQ pork chops does have its downside – they can get tough and dry pretty quickly. So, here are 5 of our favourite cuts of pork chops for every BBQ party!

Boneless Pork Chops

Often known as “America’s cut” or “loin filets”, boneless pork chops are the most popular cut of pork as they’re really easy to handle and grill. However, they are also the trickiest chop to cook perfectly as they have little fat and no bones to help retain the chop’s moisture and flavour. These babies taste best when marinated before cooking since they have no bones and little fat or connective tissue for moisture and flavour. Marinating helps to keep the juices locked into the boneless pork chops. Do note that as boneless pork chops require more butchering to remove the bones and fat, they are generally more expensive.

Pork Loin Chops

Here, we have the center loin chop, center-cut loin chop, loin pork chop, pork loin end chop, porterhouse, top-loin chop. Top cut loin chops do not possess the “T” appearance as they are further from the bone. So opt for the center cut loin chops if you are looking for one which has a “T” appearance thanks to the bone shape. Additionally, do note that pork chops with a very visible t-bone will often cost a little more. When it comes to BBQing, “T-bone” loin chops may be a little trickier to cook, even for seasoned BBQ chefs since you have both the loin and the tenderloin present – which each of them cooked a tad bit differently and at different speed. Furthermore, they have to be cooking quickly. So, to prevent from overcooking, we suggest using a fast meat thermometer to monitor your pork chops doneness on each side as you cook.

Rib Pork Chops

Rib chops are generally more tender, have a light flavour and also a little more fat than pork loin. This makes them a tiny bit more forgiving to temperature, though they can still dry out if cooked too long. Thus, rib chops should also be cooked quickly.

Sirloin Pork Chops

Shoulder chops are darker, have more fat and tissue, and sometimes parts of the blade bone. Unlike the popular option of Boneless Pork Chops, they have tons of rich, meaty flavour but they must be cooked slowly to let the gristle cook down and the meat pull away from the bone.

Shoulder Pork Chops

Pork steaks are a bit harder to find at the grocery store on a regular basis as they aren’t quite as popular or as flavourful as the boneless chop or the thick bone-in loin chop. However, you may be surprised to find that they are very budget friendly. Pork steaks are good in a slow cooker, and great at longer lower temperatures to break down the fat and connective tissue.

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