4 T’s To BBQ Grilled Pizza

Mavis Loh Blog


When BBQing pizza, you need to decide what type are you are going to be grilling — fresh or frozen.


With grilling pizza, the technique you use is critical to guarantee a perfectly grilled pizza. When choosing fresh or frozen pizza, you have three grilling style options to choose from: direct, indirect or use a pizza stone. When choosing the direct method, your pizza will be placed directly over the heat source. Alternatively, when choosing to grill your BBQ pizza indirectly,  you are placing the pizza over an indirect surface, similar to how you’d be baking in your oven. Everyone’s quick and easy frozen pizzas will often be grilled over indirect heat. The last option would be to use a pizza stone, the key step is to preheat the stone over direct heat for 30 minutes before putting your uncooked pizza on it.


When grilling pizza directly, the ideal temperature range would be between 220 and 230 degree celcius range.  You want to make sure you keep the heat in this zone to ensure perfect grill marks on the pizza dough along with getting nice golden melted cheese on top. If you choose to BBQ your pizza indirectly, the temperature of the grill should be around 190 and 200 degree celcius.  You do not want to raise the heat too high because that can cause the bottom of the pizza to burn. I’m guessing you don’t like a burnt pizza, right? Last option – when using a pizza stone, keep the temperature of your grill between 230 and 245 degrees celcius. Remember to make sure the stone has been preheated properly for 30 minutes, this step ensures that the pizza doesn’t stick or burn on the stone.


Now this is the tricky part! A fresh pizza grilled directly should be grilled for about 3-4 minutes. Then, remove the pizza, flip it so that the grilled side is up, add your toppings then put it back on the grill for 3-4 minutes. On the other hand, frozen pizzas should be grilled indirectly anywhere from 16-20 minutes or follow the directions on the box. When using a pizza stone, try to BBQ it between 7-10 minutes.

BBQing pizzas can be so much fun when done correctly! By following the tips shared above, you shouldn’t encounter major problems grilling that perfect pizza during your next BBQ party. Share with us how it turned out on our Instagram page.