4 Types Of BBQ Grilled Bread You Must Try

Mavis Loh Blog

After your BBQ steaks, chicken, and burgers are all grilled to perfection, stay flame-side for just a little more and toss some bread onto your hot BBQ grills. Not only does grilling your bread brings out its yeasty and toasty essence, it only takes minutes to make! We promise you’ll love the flavour that grilling imparts on all types of breads. Here’re 4 types of BBQ grilled bread you must try the next time you light up your BBQ pit.

BBQ Grilled Cheesy Bread

This is your “perfect throw on the grill just before serving dinner” dish. Additionally, you can’t go wrong with this dish, making it the perfect opportunity to show off your creativity by experimenting with different cheeses. However, you might wanna keep an eye on it constantly as it tends to burn easily.

BBQ Grilled Cinnamon Toast

Grill slices of brioche bread covered with cinnamon butter. While grilling, the butter mixture caramelises, and as it cools, it develops a bit of a crunch. Every bite into your irresistible crunchy-sweet toast will make you rethink how bread taste like.

Caprese BBQ Grilled Bread

Top your grilled baguette with fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil for a super-quick and easy appetiser or side dish.

BBQ Grilled Garlic Bread

How can we forget about our trusty ol’ BBQ garlic bread? This is one grilled bread you can never go wrong! Lightly toast your French, or Italian bread, spread with a creamy cheese mixture and grilled until it is warm and melted. Your guests won’t believe that you made this with such minimal effort. If you have any unfinished BBQ grilled garlic bread, keep well in an airtight container and it’s all good to go for breakfast tomorrow!