4 Random BBQ Tricks To Take Your BBQ To The Next Level

Mavis Loh Blog

We know we’ve previously shared 7 BBQ hacks to enhance your BBQ experience. But you know what? There’s more! Here are some of the “secret” techniques to help you up your game at every BBQ party.

Keep your BBQ grill lubricated

One cool way to oil your BBQ grate is to impale half of an onion on a long-handled meat fork and dip in vegetable oil. Rub it across the bars of the grate. Alternatively, grease your grill grate with a chunk of bacon or steak fat. Not only will it smell great, your food’s going to taste great!

Grill your lemons

A squeeze of lemon or lime juice is the classic sauce for grilled fish. So why not boost its flavour by grilling or smoking the lemon. This not only looks cool but tastes even better. Furthermore, grilled lemonade or margaritas made with grilled limes are the bomb!

Spin control

Prevent skewered foods like shrimp from spinning by threading them on two parallel bamboo skewers. This way your BBQ foods are gonna stay in place!

Beer bottle fire control

Flare-ups threatening your food? Make a beer bottle fire extinguisher. Place your thumb over the top of an open longneck bottle of beer. Shake the bottle gently, then slide your thumb back a little to direct a thin stream of beer toward the fire. Great for basting grilled meats, too.

Now, go try these hacks out. Happy grilling!