6 Simple Steps To Making Professional Grill Marks

Mavis Loh Blog

Are you having a BBQ party this weekend? Knock your guests’ socks off with a perfectly grilled, tasty and tender steak. Then, add a little window dressing with diamond grill marks! Typically seen in the best steakhouses, diamond grill marks can be had at home too! Here’re 6 simples steps for you to achieve that perfect BBQ mark.

Step 1

Preheat your BBQ grill until very hot (about 500 – 550°F).

Step 2

Season your BBQ meats with salt and pepper, or as desired.

Step 3

Place your BBQ meats on preheated grill with the ends at 10 and 4 o’clock.

Step 4

When meat has seared and juices begin to rise to the top, turn steaks clockwise, with the ends at 2 and 8 o’clock.

Step 5

After a minute or two, flip steaks over and cook until they reach your desired degree of doneness. If you’re worried about overcooking your BBQ meats, we recommend using an instant-read thermometer to catch your desired doneness!

Step 6

Remove steaks from grill onto clean plate and allow them to rest approximately 5 minutes to redistribute the juices. Thereafter, you can proceed to serve/enjoy your juicy, professionally marked BBQ meats!

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