How To BBQ Sausages: Contain Flare-Ups

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The traditional way to BBQ your favourite sausages has got to be directly over the fire. However, this often leads to colossal conflagrations and flare-ups. So in this post, we’re gonna share with you the tips and tricks on how to master BBQing your sausages like a pro!

BBQing over direct heat

If you choose to BBQ your sausages like how most people would do (we’re not saying it’s wrong), work over a moderate fire and leave at least a third of your grill fire free and a third of your grate food free. This gives you a safety zone and enough room to manoeuvre should the dripping fat cause any flare-ups.

BBQing over indirect heat

A lesser known method to BBQ your sausage would be to use indirect grilling. Set up your grill for indirect grilling and preheat to medium-high heat (about 200 degree celcius). Lightly brush the sausage casings with oil and grill it indirectly until it starts sizzling and turning brow. At this point, your BBQ sausages should possess an internal temperature of at least 70 degrees celcius if you’re using a BBQ thermometer. The beauty of this method is that you can toss wood chips on the coals to add additional smoke flavour to the sausage. Additionally, indirect grilling locks the juices in the sausage, making for wurst so moist they actually squirt when you cut into them.

Do not prick your sausages

Never prick a sausage prior to grilling. This drains the juices, drying your BBQ sausages out and may lead to unwanted flare ups!

No need for parboiling

You don’t need to parboil sausage before grilling. Just work over a moderate fire if direct grilling.

Precooked sausages

If you’re serving precooked sausages, like bologna or hot dogs, simply give them a quick sizzle on the grill to caramelise the meat proteins and lay on a dark flavourful crosshatch of grill marks. For bologna, cut them crosswise into 1/2-inch thick slices. For your butterfly hot dogs, cut in half lengthwise to maximise the surface area exposed to the fire.

Try these tips out during your next BBQ party and share with us how it went!

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