3 Ways To BBQ & Grill With Beer

Mavis Loh Blog

Grilling and beer is like peanut butter and chocolate, they’re each good separately, but together they’re pure magic. Any BBQ without beer is like a pit without smoke or a BBQ grill without fire. And the beer’s not just for drinking – it’s a lifeblood of live-fire cooking. So, pop open a cold one, fire up your grill, and try one of these flame-tested techniques featuring brew. What are the possibilities? Here’s 3 ways to BBQ & grill with beer.

Beer as a marinade

Set up for success before you even start the grill. Marinating your BBQ meats in beer in advance will enhance anything you plan to BBQ with a flavour that can’t be beaten. This is because the beer will act as an acid to soften the connective tissues in the meat you’re marinating. This softening helps to melt the collagen found in your BBQ meats, letting water in, to create the juiciest meal you’ve ever eaten. Add a little oil, and a pinch of salt to the beer for a meat-tenderising miracle marinade.

Braise your BBQ foods with beer

Braising is when you lightly fry your BBQ foods like sausages or ribs, then stew it in a covered container over low heat. When using your grill, you can leave out the frying step because you’ll get to that part on the grill after braising. Instead of stock or water, pick a beer that compliments the flavours of the food you are braising and you’ll be sure to enjoy the results. Braising is simple. Make the best sausages ever by throwing them into a covered pot/wok with a few cups of your preferred beer. Simmer the sausages in the beer for at least 20 minutes before BBQing them over direct heat for another 5 minutes and serve hot!

Use beer as a mop or spray

When smoking, it’s okay to keep things a little steamy, in fact it’s actually beneficial. As stated above, using a beer pan (instead of a water pan) definitely helps things along. You can also use beer in a spray bottle, or as a mop sauce to keep the outside of your delicious BBQ foods a little wet. This ensures that the smoky flavour you’re after sticks to the surface and penetrates into your meat.

Wanna try this out but lack the time, energy or expertise? Leave them up to our professional chefs to do their magic, while you sit back relax and chill with your BBQ party guests! What are you waiting for? Contact us today to book for your next BBQ party.