7 Easy Kid-Friendly BBQ Foods For Your Next BBQ Party

Mavis Loh Blog

If you love BBQ but also have kids at home, you know how difficult it can be to grill something that everyone will love. But fret not, we’re here to help you with 10 easy kid-friendly BBQ foods you can make and eat together.

1. BBQ Smoked Steak

BBQ smoked steak is fuss-free and a great way to get kids learning how to use the smoker. The steak comes off the grill juicy and full of flavour, and they’ll be sure to love it!

2. BBQ Smoked Ribs

These are easy and your kids can definitely get in on the grilling game with these. Coupled with a sweet BBQ sauce, it’s bound to be something both kids and adults alike will love!

3. Simple BBQ Smoked Pork Shoulder

Although smoked pork shoulder may take a lot of time to prep, but it’s something relatively easy so kids can definitely help you out during the whole process. Add in some tasty BBQ sauce, and it’s hard to find a kid who won’t go for second serving over pulled pork.

4. BBQ Teriyaki Chicken

BBQ teriyaki chicken will be that perfect grilled chicken that you’ll find yourself making over and over again. It’s a classic backyard BBQ dish the whole family will drool over.

5. BBQ Potato Wedges

Cut, season, and grill. It doesn’t get much easier than these BBQ potato wedges. Kids of any age can help season these wedges and supervise mom and dad at the grill.

6. BBQ Veggies

Even though it can be difficult to get kids to eat their veggies, BBQ vegetables are anything but bland. Simply season them well, and bam! It’s simply flavourful. Toss them all in a grill basket makes for easy prep and cooking that kids can totally get behind.

7. BBQ Corns in a Cob

Have a 7 year old fussy eater? Give them a corn in a cob to keep them occupied. BBQ corn is the perfect first vegetable to cook on the grill. Bonus? This corn is cooked right in husk, saving time and energy!

We know it can be really time consuming and a handful to work with both your BBQ foods and children around, so leave that task up to Sunday Roast’s BBQ chefs! Simply select the Omakase option where you leave it up to our professional chefs to work their magic for your BBQ party. What are you waiting for? Contact us for your next BBQ today.