BBQ Leftover Hacks

Mavis Loh Blog

Because wasting BBQ leftovers is a missed steak. So here’s some genius ways to use leftovers from a BBQ party.

BBQ Onions

Hold up! Don’t throw those leftover onions. Although, leftover onions can sometimes taste funky when eaten on their own, you can still achieve a gourmet lunch by throwing your BBQ onions into a bacon brie sandwich. Classy cafe-style food!

BBQ Pulled Pork

Don’t let pulled pork go dry. Instead, stuff your leftover pulled pork it into a meat-layered grilled cheese sandwich. Top it off with some lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and your favourite sauce (it’s mustard sauce for us)!

BBQ Ribs & Chicken

Pull the meat off your BBQ ribs or chicken, and use this as a filling for tangy lime tacos the next day. Alternatively, lightly pan fry a tortilla wrap and stuff them in along with mushrooms and cheese.

Hotdogs & Sausages

There’s two ways to approach your leftover BBQ hotdogs and sauces. First, your leftover sausages can be rolled in batter and fried to make corn dogs. Alternatively, do it the asian way – fried rice. You can even add some of your leftover BBQ corns.

Seafood (BBQ Prawns, Fishes)

Make some pastas, and add your leftover seafood in! Simple as that. Not only do you reduce your expensive seafood wastage, you get a good meal the next day.


Layer on your portobello mushrooms with mozzarella and tomatoes for a miniature pizza slider. Then, sprinkle on fresh herbs, like basil and oregano, for extra flavour.