BBQ Beer Can Duck

Mavis Loh Blog

Heard of BBQ Beer Can Chicken? Then you’ve got to try BBQ Beer Can Duck for yourself. This recipe is a great gateway cook that we’ve designed to encourage you to experiment with new flavours on your BBQ grill. Duck skin has a high fat content which helps create lots of smoke and flavour, making it a great and often overlooked meat for BBQs.

Ingredients you need for your BBQ Beer Can Duck

  • 1 Whole Duck
  • A BBQ Rub
  • A can of Beer

How to prep your BBQ Beer Can Duck?

In the kitchen

You want to rub your duck with a spice mix, or BBQ rubs of your choice the night before (or for at least an hour). This is so that your duck has sufficient time to absorb all that goodness. However, before rubbing the duck, score the duck’s skin with a sharp knife. This allows more of the rub to permeate into the meat.

At the BBQ

Set up your BBQ for indirect grilling, looking at a BBQ temperature of 150-180 degrees celsius. Here comes the fun part! Drink a third of your beer can and mount the your duck on a poultry roaster. The choice of beer is entirely up to you – as the duck cooks the beer can will heat up and the beer contents will generate steam, cooking the duck from the inside.

Here comes the waiting game, as we’re cooking the BBQ Beer Can Duck with indirect heat, cooking times will vary between 75 to 90 minutes depending on size of your duck. If you have a thermometer, the magic number here is 74 degree celcius. Not only will using a thermometer keep you and your loved ones safe from eating under-cooked meat, it will prevent you from over cooking the bird too and ruining your meal.

There you go! A delicious, mouthwatering BBQ Beer Can Duck for you to enjoy at any BBQ party.