3 BBQ Reunion Dinner Must Haves This CNY

Mavis Loh Blog

Happy Lunar Niu (牛) Year
Wishing everyone a prosperous and bullish year ahead!

What better way to celebrate your traditional Chinese New Year (CNY) with some good ol’ steamboat cum BBQ feast! Just be sure that you and your guests adhere to local safe distancing regulations. While everyone’s trying to keep up the festive mood, a BBQ steamboat is something that cannot be missed. Here are our top 3 must-have BBQ foods!

1. BBQ Marinated Chicken Wings

It’s an easy recipe you must try if you’re a busy working adult, trying to host BBQ parties. These amazing BBQ wings are pre-marinated with ginger, garlic, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and five-spice powder. Not only can the ingredients be easily purchased from your nearby grocery, they’re really easy to make and the BBQ wings is going to be the first ones to go when served. The BBQ wings are best served hot off the BBQ grill, and make a great pairing with your favourite chili sauce.

2. BBQ Prawns

BBQ prawns on a skewer is another ideal BBQ food to have at your CNY gatherings. Having your BBQ prawns on a skewer removes the need for fussy utensils – you just simply need your hand and possibly a napkin to wipe your hand afterwards. Plus, this keeps your guests engaged and excited cooking their own food. We guarantee that the aroma from the grill will make your little get-together all the more fun, cosy and memorable. Prawns are also really flexible BBQ foods. Whether you choose to BBQ your prawns plain, with garlic, butter or other marinade, they’d still taste amazing!

3. BBQ Bacon-wrapped Enoki Mushrooms

If you have kids coming to your BBQ gatherings, you’ve got to have this BBQ food prepped for the little ones. Not only are they always appealing to kids, adults love them too! Plus, you just need a a bunch of enoki mushrooms, wrapped with bacon and there you have it for the preparation. Simply toss it on the BBQ grill and you have a mouth watering snack. Just be sure not to scrimp on the enoki mushrooms as they tend to wilt and shrink once they are cooked.