3 Reasons Why Honey Is Your Best BBQ Friend

Mavis Loh Blog

Whether you’re a grilling novice or a master of the BBQ, honey has got to be your best BBQ friend! It is an ideal hack to help take your food to the next level. Honey can help enhance everything from the juiciness of your meats to the crispness of your veggies. Here are 3 reasons why honey is as crucial to your BBQ routine as tongs and charcoal.

1. Moisture Retention in BBQ Meats

Add honey into your BBQ marinades and brines to keep your BBQ meats moist and juicy effectively! This is due to honey’s hygroscopic nature to attract and hold water.

2. Extend BBQ Marinade Shelf Life

If you aren’t aware by now, honey is well-known for its preservative qualities. This helps to keep your BBQ marinades fresh longer while adding just the right amount of sweetness. Now, hurry to add a tablespoon of honey to your favourite BBQ marinades!

3. A Great Alternative to Processed Sugar

In comparison with processed granulated or brown sugar, honey is often considered an organic and healthier option. Not only does honey contain many essential vitamins and nutrients that a body requires, but it’s also easier for our bodies to digest. Simply substitute your processed sugar with honey in the same proportion.