BBQ Eggs?

Mavis Loh Blog

Yes, you read the title right! Have a grill? Put an egg on it! It’s no rocket science that BBQ grilled eggs add a delicious, smoky and creamy pairing with your aged steak. Here’s how you can make one for your next BBQ party.

BBQ eggs with its shell

Grilling an egg in its shell might be the easiest BBQ food that exists. They’re so ridiculously easy to make, you might just end up having it at every one of your BBQ parties. Simply pick up an egg and place it on your BBQ grill with the shell on. You just need to turn it a few times, and remove it from the grill once it starts to brown. When your BBQ grilled egg is done, crack it open, season it with your trusty salt and pepper, and enjoy!

BBQ eggs without its shell

Alternatively, grilling an egg without its shell is where you can start to have some fun. You can use a simple cast iron skillet or a make shift aluminium tray over the grill to make your eggs. If you’re using an aluminium foil, remember to double layer it so that it doesn’t tear easily and crush the sides up so that you runny eggs don’t start sipping through the grates. Here, you can be adventurous and add some chopped hotdogs, crabmeat or any other BBQ foods you love. Be wild! You can also grill your egg inside some other food. Some good examples would include cutting a bell pepper into half as your makeshift skillet. You’ll be amazed at how amazing it’ll taste!

Simple, easy and fuss-free BBQ side dish that both adults and kids will love!