3 Ways How Cinnamon Can Give That Little Bit of Something Special

Mavis Loh Blog

If you’ve ever been drawn to a warm satisfying killer chicken dish, you’re likely to ponder what’s THAT ingredient that makes you come back for more. Now, let us release the secret. It’s likely to be cinnamon! An unassuming brown spice that creates the bridge between sweet and savoury, and quickly spice up that dish that everyone can’t stop eating. Here are 3 ways how cinnamon can give that little bit of something special to your BBQ foods!

Sweetness Your BBQ Sauces and Marinades

Cinnamon acts as an immediate sweetener in your BBQ sauces and marinades. Not only does it help to balance out the savoury ingredients without adding additional sugar, it also works really well with sweeter rubs. This is why cinnamon is often found in marinades and sauces created for your BBQ chicken or pork! It can even balance out the bitter taste in a coffee rub for steaks.

A Complimentary Spice For Your BBQ

Cinnamon’s versatility means that you can tap into this spice to add that little bit of something special to your BBQ dish or cocktail. This spice is a critical spice in the Moroccan and Indian cuisine. Therefore, you know this is a good stuff when even the pros in savoury dishes are using them. Furthermore, cinnamon can easy a complementary spice when it comes to desserts. Be it forming the base of a pie spice or cinnamon figurines as decor.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Cinnamon is an extremely potent spice that doesn’t even account for 1% of any spice blend. Thus, you should also go easy and apply the same restraint when it comes to working in cinnamon to your own BBQ recipes. Cinnamon is always be strongest when freshly grounded. However, the aroma and potency dissipates over time. So remember to store them in an airtight container and in a cool spot away from sunlight and heat.