Lettuce Wraps For Your Gluten-Free BBQ

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Lettuce wraps are not only nature’s sandwiches but also adds that satisfying crunch to each bite! Additionally, lettuce wraps can be easily prepped for your BBQ party guests who has a gluten sensitivity or intolerance. This is the tasty side of preparing something gluten-free. You don’t need to change anything to your BBQ routine. Instead, proceed to BBQ your usual BBQ foods like chicken, pork, corns and prawns.

Putting them altogether

Simply rinse the lettuce leaves, remove any brown spots and the core. Let your BBQ party guests DIY themselves moving forward. All they need to do is grab a piece of lettuce and add pieces of BBQ grilled chicken, onions, and other sides they’d like. They can then seal the mouthwatering DIY BBQ dish by drizzling lemon-yogurt, or any of the available dressing on wrap before digging right into them.

Simple, easy and an absolutely refreshing way of enjoying those BBQ feasts!