Easter Special: 3 BBQ Grilled Carrots Recipes

Mavis Loh Blog

Looking for a sweet treat to pair with your grilled meats? Look no further with BBQ carrots, the perfect little treat for your little bunny guests this Easter! These BBQ carrots are sure to intrigue guests and leave them wanting more. You might be wondering, with baby carrots falling through the BBQ grates and whole carrots taking a long time to grill, isn’t it difficult to BBQ carrots? The answer to this is simple. You got to find that sweet spot, and do a bias cut to get them just right.

What is a bias cut?

Simply put, it’s cutting your BBQ foods in a diagonal manner. This helps to create a larger surface area, preventing your carrots from falling through the BBQ grates. Cutting your carrots up in a wider angle (lager surface area) helps to shorten the cooking time on the BBQ, while a shorter anger lengthens it!

Once you have the cut right, slather them in butter or oil and place them just a little bit away from the direct flames in your grill to avoid burning. Turn a few times and you’re good to go. And do you want to know the best part about grilling a carrot? They don’t get too mushy!

BBQ grilled carrot recipes

  1. Sweet and Smoky Grilled Carrots by the Kitchn — a sweet recipe that’s all about mixing the sweetness of a roasted carrot with the “snap” of a raw carrot.
  2. Balsamic Grilled Carrots by Simple Bites — the longer you grill them, the sweeter they get.
  3. Grilled Carrots With a Sweet Soy Glaze by Serious Eats — it’s literally impossible to read this recipe and look at its pictures without wanting to get up from your computer/phone to make it for yourself.