3 Reasons Why Bone-In Is Better

Mavis Loh Blog

Regardless humans or animals, bones are essential to many functions in the body. Why so you ask? They provide stability and a framework for our muscles and organs. Furthermore, bones are made from collagen and calcium, as well as other important minerals and act as reservoirs for many important chemicals and minerals such as fatty acids in the marrow. So, what do they have to do with BBQ? Many believe that all BBQ meats should be cooked with the bone in, we’re no exception. Here are 3 of the many benefits that comes along with bone-in grilling.

1. Health Benefits

Yes, you read us right. Such an inconspicuous food item actually provides us with tons of micronutrients when cooking. However, this amount varies based on differing preparation methods. As mentioned above, bones contains many important chemicals and minerals such as fatty acids in the marrow. Additionally, with the layer of collagen adds an additional barrier between the bone and meat. As such, any dry cooking method like BBQ will prevent the loss of these goodness!

2. More Tender & Flavourful

It is said that the meat nearest to the bone will always be more tender and flavourful. Cooking anything bone-in requires a little skill. This is because the BBQ meat nearer the bone is insulated. In fact, it will be between 3 to 5°C cooler than the rest of the cut. This means that if you’re a medium-rare kind of person cooking your favourite BBQ steak, you’re likely to run into one of these problems:

  1. A perfectly medium-rare BBQ steak with the meats near the bone ranging anywhere from blue to completely raw.
  2. The meat near the bone hits that sweet medium-rare spot. However, the meat rest of your cut ends up being “overcooked” for your preference.

Therefore, when cooking bone-in and using a meat thermometer, keep the meat thermometer further away from the bone. The bone will provide insulation and create a false low-temperature reading which can lead to overcooking.

3. Keep The Shape

When you’re done BBQ-ing your steak, what happens is that it will shrink. This is because the heat is making those water-filled fibres contract. Therefore, BBQ-ing it bone-in is a great for helping to keep those cuts of meat from shrinking too far or becoming oddly shaped. We can’t emphasise the number of times a large, expensive and beautiful boneless ribeye ended up in funny shapes. Nonetheless, they’re still delicious!