3 Reasons Why It Is Important For Families To BBQ Together

Mavis Loh Blog

With the rapid advancement of technology, chances are you that the quantity and quality family time has been compromised one way or another. You and your kids are either spending increased amount of screen time getting work done, consuming online content (e.g. social media), playing games, or speaking to friends. We can all be in the same room but are not really “there”. Fortunately, we have just the way to break out of this – through BBQ-ing together as a family! We believe that time with loved ones is important for everyone. Here are 3 ways how exactly does BBQ help to encourage families spend more time together!

BBQ-ing together brings the family together & create lasting memories

BBQ-ing is an effective way to encourage your family to unplug from their screens and spend time with each other. It’s a highly engaging activity because the human brain naturally loves learning and progress – which are both involved in an activity like BBQ-ing. Kids finally get their spot in the kitchen, getting their hands dirty by marinading the BBQ foods and chopping the veggies. They actually get to experience getting a meal prepped from scratch first hand – which is a rewarding experience for anyone. To top it all off, kids will get to sneak a few morsels or have the first taste of the dish – who could say no to that?

BBQ-ing together is a great developmental activity for kids

When they say food brings people together, they’re not lying. BBQ is not just a fascinating and rewarding experience, but it is also a chance to work in a team. In this case, it consists of you, as a parent and you children/their siblings. The ability to hone their communication skills through such team work is a valuable soft skill that your kids can learn while keeping their tummies satisfied! Furthermore, kids will be taught focus and responsibility with the tasks that they are given – it can be as easy as putting their kebab together on a skewer, or helping to marinate the BBQ foods.

The BBQ experience teaches your children an important life skill

Cooking, in itself, is an important life skill. Imagine if your kids couldn’t cook. That will mean that they’ll constantly rely on instant food, or takeouts. Thus, BBQ is definitely a great chance to learn and slowly build their confidence in cooking. This will help your kids gain healthy independence when they are adults. If you, or your kids, are afraid of the fire, start somewhere small. Get them to help out with creating the marinade sauces. You may be pleasantly surprised to find yourself grooming the next Michelin chef!